November 30, 2023



With online casinos always comes the great debate over whether to patronize casinos that house the software on the server or casinos that require you to download software and install it on your computer.


Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and the developers of both types of software are trying to erase the disadvantages so that their product will prevail over all and they can take over the planet. Developers of Java software are striving toward (and making progress with) coming up with Java games that offer graphics, animations and sounds that are just as impressive as those found at casinos which are downloaded.


Developers of downloadable casino software, conversely, are working toward decreasing the file size of their downloads without compromising the crisp graphics and warm tones embedded in their games. One of the ways around burdening players with huge downloads is creating games available via modular software.


The frustrating thing about having to wait for your computer to download hefty casino applications is that they give you a bunch of stuff you don’t need. If you want to play blackjack and couldn’t give a you-know-what about slots and video poker and craps and all the other games bundled with the software, waiting for your computer to download all those games you don’t need seems like a waste of time.


Wouldn’t it be much easier if you only had to download the games that you want to play?


Modular software enables you to do just that. Instead of downloading all the games, you initially download a package containing the components of the software that are shared by all the games and from there you download each game individually. Not only does this save time, it saves a lot of room on your hard drive.


One of the first Singapore Online Casino companies to offer modular software was CryptoLogic. This saved players at Crypto casinos, such as, a ton of time, especially considering that Crypto’s games come with very rich graphics. The most recently released suite of modular games is available at Global Player Casino (, where individual pieces can be downloaded with a DSL in less than a minute.


The great debate — to download or not to download — is still alive and well, with both options continually improving. The ultimate best-of-both worlds alternative hasn’t arrived yet, but for those looking for compromise, casinos built with modular software is an option worth consideration.