What we do

The SafePoint Trust is a charity that aims to use information to solve basic healthcare problems. We believe that the public has a right to know that doctors and medical practitioners are routinely giving patients injections that are unsafe. What do we mean by unsafe? The same syringe used again and again to inject many people. Syringes that are still wet with blood from a previous patient, then used on another patient, providing an effective way to pass on fatal diseases like Hepatitis and HIV.

We’ve seen this practice happening all too frequently in hospitals across the world, and our work has taken us to the furthest corners of the globe. Over 40 billion injections are given each year, and our goal is to make sure these are all given safely. We spend our time working with politicians, governments, business leaders, national and global health bodies, other social entrepreneurs and medical staff to lobby for change and raise the injection safety issue on all appropriate global platforms. We believe people have the right to ask for, and receive a safe injection, regardless of their age, sex, nationality or background.

Syringe re-use is quite literally murder on a global scale. Medical practitioners are blindly giving unsafe injections at times because they don’t have the resources to do otherwise, but more importantly they simply don’t understand the consequences it can have.

We need your help to put a stop to this horrifying practice. Today.

By working closely with a number of the major healthcare organisations (such as the WHO and PATH), through to tiny NGO’s operating in rural communities, we are constantly seeking ways to communicate the SafePoint safe injection message.

We run public awareness campaigns targeting both healthcare workers and the general public, to increase knowledge of how to give and receive a safe injection, and the consequences of an unsafe one. Our mission is to also drive policy change at ministerial level ensuring that AD syringes are made standard, and available in countries that need them most. Informing from grassroots to government level is paramount to produce an efficient healthcare system.

SafePoint also pushes public awareness through the release of dedicated short films that inform, shock and kick-start action.

Most recently, Marc and his team have released a new film on the issue of injection safety. In it, you’ll hear how fatal diseases are not spread just by drinking contaminated drinking water or mosquito bites as commonly reported. But how unsafe injections and the everyday actions of healthcare workers in millions of under funded clinics in developing countries are spreading HIV and Hepatitis. Click here to watch the film.