Cricket was always thought to be one of the most difficult and complicated sports. As you may have guessed, this means that cricket is not always one of the easier sports to bet on and understand. Usually, you will only see three types of a cricket match, and the longest one lasts up to 5 days and is called a Test match. These are the more competitive games (international), with opposing teams battling out for the four innings. There will also be the shorter matches that the bettors can enjoy. They are called the One Day games, as well as the well-known expression Twenty20 format. People usually think that since these games are shorter the players would be calmer, but it is quite the opposite. The shorter versions of cricket games encourage a more aggressive style of play. Since each of the sides will be attempting to outscore their opponent, with a fixed period of ‘overs’. After you have decided to place a bet on cricket, you need to choose a bet to wager your money on and you must know all of the possible cricket game bets. If you are planning to wager your money online, then you should find your own site and have fun. Bellow you will be presented with a top 10 sites for placing a bet on a cricket game.


888 Sport: has been in this bookmaking Togel business since 1997. Because of a number of well-received advertisements campaigns, several betting promotions, and competitive pricing, 888 finally established its website. It uses a software that is provided 888’s in-house development team. Their platform is very user-friendly, so beginners should not have a problem navigating from one gamer to another.



This is a very practical Cricket betting site, however, it does offer a lot of different sports to bet on. 888 Sports site loves to keep its customers loyal and happy with a lot of bonuses and promotions. Every customer will get a free matched bet on a first punt, and they can also expect to get some free bets every time there is a significant betting sports event.


Coral: this site has really built up a reputation as one of the best sports betting sites in the UK, since its organization was founded in 1926. The website uses the platform that is powered by Playtech sports betting, which ensures the consistency from all across its own range of gambling sites, making Gala its sister company.



It is both desktop and mobile friendly, so this site can fit with anybody. Coral Sports is a leading site especially when it comes to in-live betting section, which gives another experience to its customers. It also has a lot of random promotions, and special offers; for example, free bets and generous 1st deposit scheme for the new users.


Winner: even if this site is relatively new since it was launched in 2009, it has really established itself as one of the best gambling sites on the market. Winner’s partner is the developer Playtech since they use its software, which provides its users with a degree of consistency and graphics, together with the usability between its casino and sportsbook.



The platform is made so that both a PC and a Mac user can access it with no problem while taking its full advantages. It has one of the most user-friendly websites and is a leading site when talking about user’s security. There are also a lot of friendly promotions and bonuses.


Ladbrokes: this site is licensed by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, in Gibraltar, and it uses the industry leader OpenBet and the Playtech’s Geneity Limited, to be able to give its sports betting platform.



This is one of the easiest platforms to use, and it is very practical. Ladbrokes Mobile is also very heavily promoted all across the sportsbooks. They offer bets on over 30 different sports. The new users will get a free £10 when they deposit and bet with at least £10.


Bet365: this site is known throughout the bettors from all over the world, and is one of the leading and trusted bookmakers online. There are no flash marketing banners since this site is only focused on the promotions for a lot of betting opportunities.



Since it is one of the top UK bookmakers, its popularity, and its loyal customer base is huge. There are all kinds of traditional betting options. When a player deposits a minimum of £10 or €10, then they will receive a 100% bonus that can go to a maximum of £200 or €200.


Paddy Power: this is the Ireland’s largest and most independent bookmaker. They are different from other bookmakers because of their humorous and often innovative and edgy content, with quirky betting makers. This site is powered by the OpenBet, which is an industry juggernaut of the online bookmaker software.



Because of this software platform, the navigation of the site is simple and easy to understand. There are a lot of bonuses and promotions; for example, when you register the Paddy Power will offer you a £20 free bet. This is the only site where instead of £10, you will be offered a bonus of £20 when signing up.


NetBet: if you want a site that loves to please its customers, then this site is perfect for you. The iSoftBet (ISB) software powers this site, which is a relatively new addition to the online betting markets. It also has outstanding graphics, and selection of different plays options (instant, download, mobile).



This is also one of the few sites that really has a potential when it comes to in-play betting options. There are few bonuses that you can get, for example, when you make an account for the first time. If you are not sure about something, you can always ask their live support.


William Hill: was originally founded in 1903, and is one of the famous powerhouses for the sports betting markets. This site is supported by some of the best softwares. It is powered by a well-known face called the OpenBet, together with the 2DB. The initial thought you might have when you see this site is that it is very traditional, which will give you an impression of being a serious betting site.



Besides being one of the top Cricket betting sites, it also offers a lot of different sports that you can wager your money on. William Hill is not really known for a lot of promotions, but from time to time it likes to give friendly bonuses to its loyal users.


BetVictor: is one of those sites that really stands out from the crowd. They are fully regulated and licensed online sportsbook, and they have their headquarters based in Gibraltar. If you are looking for a number of different cricket betting options, then you should definitely bet on this site.



Keep in mind, that this site does lack a bit of the in-play betting, but it does offer a lot of different promotions. If you have never placed a bet on this site, then this is a good time to sign up and get a free bonus. When you place a wager of £25 you will be able to place another bet of the same value free.


TitanBet: also known the new beast in the online sportsbook market. It is regulated and licensed in Barbados and Antigua and they have everything they need to be the one-stop shop for all of the online bettors.



Its web design and layout are high quality designs and they offer a user-friendly interface, platform. There are a lot of decent promotions you can get, especially if you are a new gambler, however it does offer some weaker odds, There are a lot of other sports you can wager you money one, other than cricket, with a lot of different banking options.


Reading the rules of each of the sites is another good advice to follow. After deciding on the site that suits you the best, you should have fun placing a bet on a Cricket match, or any of the given sports.…

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Gambling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment, and it has been practiced throughout the whole world, even in ancient times. People always liked to go to different sports events or land casinos and test their luck while wagering their money on their favorite team or game. Some even began to gamble professionally, developing their own strategies and earning good money. However, going to casinos and sports events became quite a drag, so people invented the online gambling sites; where you are able to gamble with real money. Online gambling sites have become very famous over the years, and with the technology development came the new and improved phones, with different software platforms. Therefore, a lot of online sites decided to make an app for a variety of phones, including many of the gambling sites! There will always be some apps that are better than the other, especially when it comes to gambling, and here you will have top 10 mobile apps that will definitely suit your betting taste. You should thoroughly browse and inform yourself about these sites because they are the best when it comes to mobile apps for online gambling!


William Hill Mobile App: This betting application looks very professional and the way it is put together is quite impressive. William Hill is one of the most popular names around and the mobile site is certainly something that is worth mentioning. If you place a deposit of £25, you will get another £25 in return.



This awesome betting application is available for both Android and iPhone systems, and it offers a big variety of casino games like poker, bingo and more. Besides all of the bonuses this app offers, you also have a lot of in-play football markets and some of the best odds for betting on horses.


Ladbrokes Mobile App: One of the easiest applications to understand, with the simplest navigation system, is definitely Ladbrokes Mobile App. There are quick links that will get you to your favorite areas you visit the most; there is a Cash Out option and a bunch of In-Play betting markets.



What makes this JBO application really cool is the ability to control what you see, since there can be an overwhelming amount of information to deal with at a time. Ladbrokes also has a decent customer support and of course, it has a reward bonus when you register.


Sky Bet Mobile App: Everyone who watched Sky Sports probably knows how awesome their productions are and how Sky Bet gets promoted very often around there. However, how good is Sky Bet actually? Truthfully, it is simply fantastic, and you should definitely consider downloading and installing it.



It is very clean and responsive and it is available for any mobile platform including Android and iPhone. The app offers a free £20 bet once you make your first £5 bet of but that is only the beginning, you can also be rewarded with further weekly bets after the first one as used in the Free Bet Club.


Bet365 Mobile App: Bet365 is already known for being one of the best betting sites on the web, but does its mobile version pair with it? As one could expect from these gambling titans, of course, it does. The bet365 mobile application’s interface is outstanding, the design is really unique, the responsiveness is top notch and it is available to both Android and iPhone users.



There is a fantastic welcome bonus for new accounts of a big £200 bet basket. You should really consider giving this fantastic application a try due to its superiority and the enormous welcome bonus.


Coral Mobile App: Coral is known to be one of those brands that have a really slick production and their mobile app surely fits that style. The app for Coral is installable on both of the most popular mobile platforms which are Android and iPhone.



Both of these versions have a dandy sign up bonus of a £20 free bet when you bet your own £5. If you are looking for high-end mobile gaming and betting, Coral Mobile is an app you must have on your phone. Be sure to try it out as soon as possible to claim the sign up bonus!


BetVictor Mobile App: Being one of the most experienced and well-known bookmakers around, you naturally expect to see one of the best mobile betting sites from them. You should not be worried because whether you are an Android user or any other mobile user this app will serve you greatly!



Easy to use, sweet looking menus, no miss directions about how to use the app and lots of events to bet on and casino style games to gamble in. The newly registered user bonus at Betvictor is £25 which is a pretty nice welcoming gift. Be sure to give this awesome app a try!


Titanbet Sports Mobile App: Today there are so many mobile betting and gambling apps, that being one of the best is quite difficult. However, Titanbet Sports has succeeded in taking one of the top spots with their slick app that allows you to bet on the move.



The design is simple yet beautiful, the speed (responsiveness) this app has is really something one would not expect, and it is so fast that you will rarely experience any lag at all. Of course, you cannot miss out on the excellent sign up bonus that provides £20 in free bets, and as you keep betting more, you will be awarded with further bonuses!


BetFred Mobile App: BetFred offers one of the best experiences for users in the UK as it is really focused on sports betting around the UK and the Irish sports. This is for sure one of the top mobile betting apps and it is exceptionally focused on horse racing and football.



What makes this mobile app stand out a bit from other mobile apps is that it provides live commentary on the games it offers, including UK football, greyhound racing, horse racing , cricket, golf and football. Give this app a try, new users that stake £10 upon registration are offered a bonus of £30!


Paddy Power Mobile App: When it comes to picking out the best mobile betting sites, it takes quite a lot of thinking since there are so many good ones, however, Paddy Power’s mobile app will get you hooked immediately. As soon as we gave this app a try, we knew that we have to announce that it is one of the top ones.



Upon registration you are offered a sign up bonus of “Bet £10, Get £30”. There are so many choices, but things never get too complicated to understand, the navigation stays simple through the whole way on both Android and iPhone devices.


RealDealBet Mobile App: Being one of the most respected and well-known gaming and casino websites, RealDealBet certainly stands up to its name, and after you have tried their mobile app you will understand why! You are able to make bets before the events and even during those events!



Performing financial transactions has never been easier, thanks to the friendly interface this app offers. There are of course casino games that you can play no matter where you go. RealDealBet offers multiple bonuses that offer up to 200% up to a maximum of £200!


Once you have informed yourself about all of these suggested mobile apps, have fun gambling. These apps are quite practical since you can bet no matter where you might be since all you really need is an internet connection. If you like any of these apps, be sure to check out their site as well, since the chances are their site is as awesome as the app itself!…

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togel hongkong

John Stones Berharap Vincent Kompany Fit Untuk Piala Dunia – Togel Hongkong





Stones mendukung agar Kompany bisa tampil di Piala Dunia 2018. Bek tim nasional Inggris, John Stones, berharap rekannya di Manchester United, Vincent Kompany, akan pulih tepat waktu dari cedera untuk bisa tampil di Piala Dunia 2018 bersama timnas Belgia. Kompany kini sedang berjuang dengan cedera pangkal paha yang dialaminya di pertandingan uji coba lawan portugal. Meski begitu, namanya tetap masuk ke dalam skuat timnas Belgia. Stones berharap rekannya itu bisa tampil bersama Belgia, meski harus satu grup dengan The Three Lions di Grup G, selain Panama dan Tunisia.


Agen Bantah Tawarkan Mohamed Salah Ke Barcelona


Bintang Mesir Salah diberitakan ditawarkan ke Barca oleh perwakilannya, namun langsung dibantah. Agen Mohamed Salah menepis kabar yang mengatakan bintang Liverpool tersebut ditawarkan ke Barcelona. Kabar yang mengaitkan Salah hengkang ke salah satu dari dua raksasa La Liga Spanyol Barcelona dan Real Madrid makin berhembus kencang setelah menjalani musim debut sensasional di Anfield. Penyerang timnas Mesir ini memecahkan rekor Liga Primer dengan mencetak 32 gol dalam 38 pertandingan semusim dan menutup kampanye dengan total 44 gol untuk membawa the Reds melenggang ke final Liga Champions.


Pelatih Perseru Serui Keluhkan Penyelesaian Akhir


Kendati demikian, Putu Gede tetap memberi apresiasi kepada anak asuhnya yang bermain di bawah tekanan Aremania. LIPUTAN ABI YAZID DARI MALANG Ikuti di twitter Pelatih Perseru Serui I Putu Gede kembali mengeluhkan penyelesaian akhir tim besutannya setelah dikalahkan Arema FC dengan skor 1-0 di Stadion Gajayana, togel hongkong Malang, Rabu (6/6) malam WIB. Menurut Putu, pemain Perseru bermain lebih bagus dan mampu menciptakan banyak peluang. Perseru mampu menguasai pertandingan dengan mencatatkan penguasaan bola mencapai 64 persen. Hanya saja, dari delapan tembakan yang dilepaskan, tidak ada satupun yang tepat sasaran.


Cristiano Ronaldo Dipastikan Starter Lawan Aljazair


Ronaldo absen di dua laga uji coba sebelumnya, namun Santos memastikan sang kapten tampil di pertandingan pemanasan terakhir. Meski masih ragu soal susunan line-up di laga perdana Piala Dunia melawan Spanyol, arsitek Portugal Fernando Santos memastikan Cristiano Ronaldo akan tampil sebagai starter di pertandingan kandang kontra Aljazair, yang menjadi pemanasan terakhir sebelum terbang ke Rusia. Ronaldo, pemain dengan caps terbanyak dan top skor Portugal, melewatkan sesi latihan pekan pertama dan laga uji coba melawan Tunisia dan Belgia setelah tampil bersama Real Madrid di final Liga Champions versus Liverpool akhir bulan lalu. ÛÏHal yang sama terjadi sebelum Piala Eropa 2016 dengan Ronaldo dan Pepe, ketika mereka main di final Liga Champions,Û kata Santos kepada reporter. ÛÏRonaldo pasti akan menjadi starter di laga ini.…

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Situs Judi Online Terpercaya – DREAMGAMING




Situs judi online terpercaya adalah situs judi yang telah memiliki riwayat atau sejarah lebih lama didirikan dari situs lainnya. Hal ini berkaitan dengan maraknya situs judi online yang hadir ke permukaan dunia internet untuk bersaing dengan situs judi terdahulu yang telah memiliki keunggulan tersendiri. Berbagai model bisnis tentu memiliki resiko dan daya saing yang cukup tinggi dengan sesama binsis di bidang yang sama pula. Tentu, hal tersebut dikarenakan sebuah bisnis mengacu atau mengarah ke kepuasaan para pelanggan atau dalam konteks bisnis agen judi online yang notabennya disebut member judi online. Jika tidak adanya pesaing, maka secara tidak lanngsung situs judi terdahulu tidak akan pernah mengalami perubahan yang lebih baik lagi, dari sisi pelayanan kepada member, fasilitas yang diberikan, berbagai jenis permainan yang disediakan serta hal – hal lainnya yang DreamGaming menyangkut perkembangan dari agen judi online itu sendiri. Sebagaimana yang kita ketahui bahwa perubahan memang seringkali tidak diterima oleh sebagian orang, hal ini dikarenakan akan ada banyak penyesuaian baru terhadap sistem yang berlaku pada situs judi online tersebut, meskipun perubahan yang dilakukan mengarah ke lebih baik lagi. Namun, meskipun demikian perubahan harus tetap dilakukan guna memberikan kesan dan tampilan berbeda oleh situs judi online kepada setiap member lama ataupun member baru agar selalu merasa nyaman disetiap permainan yang diikutinya. Agen judi online saat ini pun, sudah seharusnya dituntut untuk selalu melakukan perubahan atau melakukan inovasi terhadap situs yang dikelolanya, hal ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui bagaimana kepuasaan member terhadap pelayanan yang diberikan, serta guna menarik calon member baru untuk bergabung bersama situs judi online terpercaya di Indonesia.


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Situs judi online terpercaya yang telah memiliki ribuan member ini memang sudah pantas dikatakan situs dengan sistem terhandal dan bebas dari adanya kecurangan atau pencurian data yang saat ini sedang berkembang luas. Hal ini dapat anda buktikan sendiri dengan semakin banyaknya member baru yang melakukan pendaftaran ke situs judi online tersebut dan pada akhirnya membuat angka nominal taruhan judi poker online semakib bertambah. Dapat dipastikan, semakin banyak orang yang melakukan pendaftaran maka semakin baik pula segala bentuk pelayanan dan fasilitas yang diberikan oleh para agen judi online kepada member. Mengingat akan banyak hal yang harus anda ketahui untuk dapat menemukan agen terbaik dalam permainan  judi online, anda harus melakukan beberapa penilaian lainnya seperti misalnya beberapa pihak bank yang melakukan kerjasama, atau beberapa pihak bank yang senantiasa memeberikan berbagai kebutuhan yang member inginkan, misalnya dengann memperkecil kemungkinan gangguan atau terjadi offline dalam transaksi. Hal lainnya yang bisa anda masukan kedalam salah satu bentuk penilain untuk mendapatkan situs judi terpercaya lainnyab adalah melihat kefokusan situs judi online tersebut dalam menyediakan berbagai jenis permainan yang masih bisa dikatakan satu alur. Misalnya saja seperti disediakannya permainan judi domino, dan permainan judi ceme online yang keduanya sama menggunakan kartu domino sebagai alat permainan.


Beberapa hal lainnya untuk bisa menemukan situs judi online terpercaya ada baiknya anda meminta saran kepada teman atau kerabat anda mengenai situs judi online yang mereka pilih. Mintalah saran dari kedua sisi, yakni negatif dan positif. Dengan adanya hal tersebut tentu membuat anda menjadi lebih mudah melakukan perbandingan dengan situs lainnya.


Jika hal – hal diatas sudah dapat anda pahami dengan baik dan benar, langkah selanjutnya anda bisa melakukan pendaftaran akun pribadi di situs judi online terpercaya dan segera memainkan permainan poker atau domino yang anda pilih sebagai meja taruhan keberuntungan. Selamat bermain.


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Choosing the Right Platform for Endless w88 Betting Fun




Boredom can kill if you do nothing about it. It can even lead you to suicidal thoughts that may have unwanted outcomes.  This is why you should get rid of that boredom as fast as possible. One of the best ways to get rid of boredom is to register at an online betting site. You can play the games provided on such betting platforms to help drive away boredom. The games are interesting and many of the online betting sites equally add new games on daily basis and this further increases the fun and excitement you can get at these online betting sites offering 먹튀검증services


A lot of factors need to be considered before you ever pitch your tent with any of the betting sites operating in Korea. In the remaining part of this write-up, we will enlighten you about those very important things to bear in mind so that you will not end n up regretting your decisions to register at that particular online casino platform.


Mobile access

Before you register at any of the online casino platforms out there today, you should first find out if the casino also allows its members to play the available games on mobile phones.  You are better off with an outlet that is mobile compatible for a better w88 experience. The mobile compatibility of the website means that you will not have to stay glued to your desktop computer before you can enjoy the service provided on these online casino platforms.  It also means that you can take your games with you everywhere you go. With mobile compatibility, never again will you miss out of an opportunity to make some cool money and also have fun by playing online casino games provided on the said websites.


Check the rate of response


Furthermore, you need to find out if the mobile platform is responsive before you register at that online casino platform. Do the links respond very fast and can you enjoy exactly what you will enjoy if you play the games on the desktop version of the website? All these factors need to be put in mind when looking for the right online casino platform to have endless fun and drive away boredom forever.


You should also find out if the desktop version is easy to navigate and if you will not have to go through any stress to find any particular information that you need on the platform at any particular point in time.




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Togel Hongkong





Gambling is a sport. A few people play as professionals, making a decent living at it. But for most, gambling is a form of recreation to be enjoyed. And like any other sport, there are scores of books, periodicals, and video tapes touting the latest insights to better your game. One of the best sources forcasinos jobs – casino dealer jobs information on current trends, new how-to books, even historical perspectives on gaming and tales of the gambling glories is the Gambler’s Book Club located in Las Vegas. This bookstore has over 3,000 titles offering a full range of in-depth literature for both the beginner and the professional. Books can be ordered over the phone.


Another source worth looking into is the growing number of Internet websites or “home pages” relating to the gaming industry. (See the sidebar for addresses to some of the better online sources.) If you are new to gambling as a sport, one quick way to pick up the jargon, terminology, and tricks of the trade is to log on to one of the gaming newsgroups. There are often FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sections at the beginning to help guide “newbies” through the protocol or “netiquette.” Once comfortable with the


forum in which these newsgroups are held, ask questions or bring up topics for discussion. You’ll have a nation of pros at your fingertips. Many also use the Internet to network with others about possible job openings. The potential contacts this medium offers grow almost daily as more and more people go online with email addresses.


This section touches on some of the particulars involving game play and wagering. It’s designed to give aspiring casino workers a brief overview of the culture, terminology, and general philosophy of the industry. Those who are unfamiliar with how the casino games are played will want to read over the elementary lessons we’ve included. As we’ve heard often in this business, with a little practice “the games are easy to learn.” So don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know about Togel Hongkong . Instead, focus on the fact that with a winning attitude and a small amount of training, you can master almost any job on the casino floor.




There are two main types of casino customers: grind and premium. If you find yourself working on the casino floor, you’ll quickly learn to distinguish between the two. As the name suggests, grind players typically bet in small amounts, “grinding” out, for example, $20 in chips through a series of $1 bets. Premium players on the other hand, bet in large amounts, with a better understanding of the games in general and access to substantial bankrolls (the money used for betting). It is this type of player the casino management wants at the tables since they regularly give the casino hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of wagering or what is commonly termed “action.” Premium players benefit from casino giveaways, such as free hotel rooms and meals given out through the “comp” system (see below). It’s to the casino’s advantage to keep these so-called high rollers coming back to the tables. The law of averages dictates that these players will eventually lose more than they will win.







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Cate Hall Leads Female Togel Player of The Year Race




With just one month left of the year, it is down to the wire in the GPI Player of the Year Ladies race. When we looked at the rankings in September, only four points separated Argentina’s Maria Constanza Lampropulos, who had 1,735 points at the time, and Cate Hall. Since then Hall has continued to go deep on several occasions, and she now leads the race with 2,227 points; nearly 500 points more than Lampropulos.


Winning the race seems more and more like a lock for Cate Hall. In October she secured herself valuable points finishing in 13th place of the IPT Main Event in Malta and in 11th place of the 8-handed High Roller at the same venue. In November Hall went on to take 5th place in the High Roller event at WPT Montreal, which equals 147 points that is not yet registered, and which brings Hall even more ahead of Lampropulos.


Even though Lampropulos has not collected any points in the last couple of months, she still sits in second place of the rankings. But maybe not for long. With 1,655 points Maria Ho has moved up in top three after a 6th place finish in a side event at IPT-EPT Malta and a 3rd place finish in the High Roller event at WPT Johannesburg. Loni Harwood has dropped one spot, and Esther Taylor-Brady climbed from 7th to 5th.


Anna Antimony is new in 6th place due to her impressive runner-up finish in a deep stack Togel event at Borgata Fall Poker Open, worth $123,146. Jamie Kerstetter (12th), Liv Boeree (15th), and Kathy Liebert (11th) are no longer in top 10. Bracelet winner Safiya Umerova (7th), WPT finalist Mina Greco (8th), newlywed Natasha Barbour Mercier (9th) and Kitty Kuo (10th) roundup top 10.


1 Cate Hall, 2,227 pts.

2 Maria Constanza Lampropulos, 1,735 pts.

3 Maria Ho, 1,655 pts.

4 Loni Harwood, 1,602 pts.

5 Esther Taylor-Brady, 1,474 pts.

6 Anna Antomony, 1,400 pts.

7 Safiya Umerova, 1,392 pts.

8 Mina Greco, 1,387 pts.

9 Natasha Barbour Mercier, 1,386 pts.

10 Kitty Kuo, 1,362 pts.


With EPT Prague running December 8-19 and the WPT Five Diamonds on Monday, we are likely to see some changes in the rankings, and I would not be surprised to see Liv Boeree re-entered top 10. But Female Player of the Year 2016! The title goes to Cate Hall.


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Sic bo in onlinecasinoswiki

How to Play Blackjack and Basic Strategy about Sic bo in Onlinecasinoswiki




Blackjack is a very simple game. You want to make a hand with a higher total than the dealer but still less than or equal to 21 points (when player or dealer goes over 21, they “bust” and lose the hand).


Cards are valued as follows:


2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 – worth that number of points.


Ten, Jack, Queen, King – all worth ten points.


Are worth 1 OR 11, whichever is better for your hand at that time (aces can and do change from 11 to 1 to avoid busting.


A hand including an ace counted as 11 is known as a soft total (because you can hit without any risk of busting).


Play starts by you making a bet and then receiving two cards. If these are an ace and a ten-point card (ten, jack, queen, king) then be smile, you have a Blackjack and will be paid out at 1.5 – 1 (3 to 2) unless the dealer also has a blackjack, in which case the hand is a “push” (tie) and your bet is returned.


You’ll get a blackjack about 1/21 times. The rest of the time you have to decide what to do with your hand based on its value and the dealer’s upcard (one of the dealer’s cards is dealt face up).


If the dealer’s face up card is an Ace then you will be offered “Insurance”. This is a 2:1 bet that the dealer has blackjack (his face-down card is a ten pointer). This is a sucker bet unless you are counting cards, so just decline it and we can move on.


The dealer also checks for blackjack if he has a ten showing, but insurance is not usually offered (since he would have to have an ace as his other card to make the blackjack).


If the dealer has a blackjack (whether or not you took insurance) and you do not have a blackjack, then you lose. If you both have blackjack then you tie.


But most of the time, the dealer will not have blackjack and you will get to play your hand.


The first decision to make (if the casino offers it) is “Surrender”. Like the name suggests, this choice allows you to escape the hand by forfeiting half your bet. It is only a good idea to surrender hands which have a less than 25% chance of winning. Our basic strategy table includes advice on which hands to surrender.


If you have been dealt a pair, then you have the option of splitting the pair with Sic bo in Onlinecasinoswiki. You match your original bet and then create two new hands, each with one card of the original pair and one new card. This is a way of escaping bad totals (16 and 14) and getting more money on the table against unfavourable dealer cards (especially a 6). There are slight variations about how many times you are allowed to split and whether you are allowed to double after splitting but the basic idea is the same. Although you are allowed to split any two ten value cards, this is a bad idea – 20 is too good a total to give up. Our basic strategy table will tell you which pairs to split.


If you don’t want to surrender or split, you have the option of doubling down. This play allows you to double your initial bet but you must take one (and only one) more card. Our basic strategy table tells you when the double down is the right play.


Assuming none of these special options appeal to you, you are left with the basic choice of blackjack – Hit or Stand.


Hitting means drawing one more card to try and improve the total of your hand. If you hit and go over a total of 21, then you bust and lose regardless of what the dealer holds.


Standing means that you are happy with your total, and want to see what happens when the dealer plays.


So, now that you are done with your hand / hands, it’s the dealer’s turn. The dealer will look at his hand and follow the house rules. Generally these are “dealer hits on 16 [or less] and stands on 17 [or more]”. Some casinos allow the dealer to hit a soft 17 (a soft total is one that includes an ace that counts as 11) but either way, the dealer has strict rules to follow.


This guide has used the term “basic strategy” a few times. Basic strategy is a set of rules designed so you can make the best possible play on every decision you make. It has been perfected over dozens of years, and minimizes the house advantage.



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Togel Online

FIFA World Cup Set Up Togel Online Betting Watchdog




World football’s governing body, FIFA, has set up its own body to safeguard against match-fixing and betting scams in the run-up to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.


FIFA’s ‘Early Warning System’ has been given its own offices at the organization’s Zurich HQ with the brief to: “prevent sports betting from having any negative impact on football matches and, at the same time, raise awareness of this problem throughout the entire football community.”


All football officials, players and agents are forbidden to be involved in betting or gambling connected with matches.\


New UK Gambling Commission Chairperson Appointed


National Lottery commissioner Brian Pomeroy has been appointed as chairperson at the UK’s Gambling Commission replacing Peter Dean. Pomeroy will take up his new post in the new year. The Department of Culture, Media and Sport has also announced that Peter Teague has been appointed as a commissioner and will take up his post on 1 September, when the UK’s Gambling Act formally comes into force.


James Purnell, culture minister, said: “The Gambling Commission is a tough new regulator with stringent powers that allow them to take decisive action against operators who fail to meet the high standards required by the Act.”


Purnell also lauded Dean’s efforts in “guiding the Commission through implementation of the Gambling Act with great conviction, making it an effective regulator that it is today”.


Pomeroy added: “My priority will be to make sure that the gambling industry meets the tough new standards required by the Act. In doing so, the Commission should not hesitate to use its array of new powers and sanctions to ensure that gambling remains fair and crime-free and that proper protections for children and vulnerable adults are in place.”


NETeller Releases $70 Million to Togel Online Customers


NETeller customers from the US have begun accessing funds from their accounts, withdrawing a total of $70 million so far, after months of legal wrangling with the beleaguered online casino gambling payment processor.


Last month, NETeller reached an agreement with the US Attorney’s Office to give customers access to their accounts after as many as 250,000 accounts with positive balances had been frozen since January. The move followed an investigation into the company on charges ranging from money laundering to racketeering.


The world-renowned e-wallet, popular with those in the online gambling industry, still maintains operations in 160 countries and is contemplating another foray into the US market in non gambling sectors according to company spokesman Andrew Gilchrist.





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There are some casino en ligne francais players ¾ it’s only a few of them to be sure ¾ who never bluff. Once you learn who they are, playing against them is easy. If they bet once all the cards are out, you can safely throw your hand away unless you believe that your hand is superior to theirs. If it is, you should raise.


Others are habitual bluffers. When they bet, you have to call as long as you are holding any reasonable hand. Although habitual bluffers will also make real hands every now and then, the fact that they bluff far too often makes your decision easy. By calling, you’ll win far more money in the long run than you would save by folding. Stay tuned. There’s much more to come about bluffing in the next three issues. In the meantime, look at how Bobby Baldwin bluffed Crandall Addington out of a big pot during the finals of the World Series of Poker.


Famous Bluffs: Baldwin versus Addington


During the 1978 World Series of Poker no-limit hold’em championship Bobby Baldwin, then a professional poker player and now President of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, was matched up against San Antonio real estate investor Crandall Addington for all the marbles.


Addington was heavily favored at the time, having about $275,000 in chips to Baldwin’s $145,000. Baldwin bet before the flop and Addington called. The flop was Q¨4¨3§. Baldwin bet $30,000. What could he have? A flush draw or straight draw was a possibility. So was a pair of queens.


Crandall Addington called without a moment’s hesitation, a sure sign he also had a good hand. The A¨fell on the turn, making a straight and a flush distinct possibilities. Baldwin made a $95,000 bet, adding it to the $92,000 already in the pot, and leaving himself with only a few remaining chips if he lost the hand.


Addington went into deep thought. If Addington called and won, Baldwin would be nearly broke, and he would almost surely be the winner. If he called Baldwin’s bet and lost, the tables would be turned and Baldwin would then be favored to win the event. If he folded, he would still have a substantial chip lead on Baldwin and still be favored to grind him down as the tournament wore on.


Addington folded. As Baldwin gathered in the pot, he tossed his cards toward the center of the table. They were the 10©9©. Baldwin had run a naked bluff, winning a $92,000 pot with absolutely nothing ¾ not even a draw.


That turned the tide and Bobby Baldwin became the 1978 World Series of Poker champion ¾ although whether he won it or stole it right out from under Crandall Addington’s nose is subject to interpretation.




What should you do about players who bluff some, but not all of the time? There’s no easy answer. Opponents who bluff some of the time are better poker players than those found at either end of the bluffing spectrum. Better players, of course, will be able to keep you guessing about whether or not they are bluffing. And when you’re forced to guess, you will be wrong some of the time. That’s just the way it is.


Of course, you might be able to pick up a tell and know when your opponent is bluffing, but that’s not too likely in most cases. The sad truth is that players who keep you Togel guessing are going to give you much more trouble than predictable opponents.


In most low-limit games, players bluff much too often. After all, when you are playing fixed limit poker all it can cost is one additional bet to see someone’s hand. And the pots are usually big enough relative to the size of a bet to make calling the right decision.


Here’s an example. Suppose the pot contains $90, and your opponent makes a $10 bet. That pot now contains $100, and the cost of your call is only $10. Even if you figure your opponent to be bluffing only one time in ten, you should call. By calling, you’d lose a $10 bet nine times, for a loss of $90. Although you’d win only once, that pot would be worth $100. After ten such occurrences, you’d show a net profit of $10. As a result, you could say that regardless of the outcome of any particular hand, each call was worth one dollar to you.



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