Bola88 Film Review: Owning Mahowny




“You know why he wants to win? So he has the money to keep losing. Now how – – – – – – up is that?”


A bookie said this about Dan Mahowny, who was masterfully played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Owning Mahowny. That single segment of dialogue tells you everything you need to know about the main character, who is, indeed, a very sick man.


The 2003 film had an estimated $10 million budget (according to, but grossed just over $1 million in the United States. I have a feeling, however, that this movie will start to find its audience and have a healthier afterlife in DVD.


The film is based on a true story and was adapted from the book Stung: The Incredible Obsession of Brian Molony, written by Gary Stephen Ross. In the film, Dan Mahowny was a precocious star at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Toronto’s financial district, and at 24 was the youngest assistant manager in company history. His girlfriend, a blonde Minnie Driver, was believable as a naïve hayseed who was quick (at least for a while) to buy into her boyfriend’s excuses for his long absences. Even she, however, didn’t know the other side of Dan Mahowny, the seemingly conservative banker who pulled off the largest single-handed bank fraud in Canadian history, grossing over $10 million in 18 months to feed his gambling obsession.


Early in the film, after Hoffman arranges a loan for a female customer, she expresses her gratitude and then playfully taps him on the stomach and says, “One of these days I’m going to take you out and get you a decent suit.” Combined with his beat-up car, it’s clear that Hoffman doesn’t care about money, which makes his gambling all the more puzzling — at least to those who haven’t been around compulsive gamblers.


When Hoffman is on another Bola88 gambling bender in Atlantic City, the casino host is astounded by his single-mindedness. Hoffman refuses hookers, drugs, alcohol, and lavish meals. Whether it’s blackjack, craps, or baccarat (sorry, but there’s no poker in this film), he simply can’t pull himself away from the pit.


I found the movie to be disturbing and tough to watch at times, which is a credit to the filmmakers. Screenwriter Maurice Chauvet and Director Richard Kwietniowski created a film that vividly portrays the sickness of compulsive gambling. Hoffman plays craps with a young Asian woman who throws her hands in the air when she hits her number. The next time Hoffman sees her, she is flirting with him, talking about what a great run they had, and then she says, “Say, stake me two hundred and I’ll share my winnings with you.” After her last desperate plea is refused, the camera stays on her to show the desperation oozing out of her skin. Equally disturbing is the casino host who is obsessed with seeing that Hoffman walks out broke. His behavior is excusable — you can’t fault a good manager for wanting to improve his company’s bottom line — and it accurately portrays the business side of running a casino. If you think casinos want their customers to be entertained and not get hurt, the next time you’re pouring over one of those “gaming” company annual reports, remind me to tell you about this great bridge I’ve got for sale.


The film reminded me of The Gambler, the 1974 film in which James Caan plays a literature professor who is also a compulsive gambler. Of course, if you’ve been around compulsive gamblers, the behavior of the characters in both films is very predictable — lying, borrowing, and betting because of the need for action.


Nick the Greek was famous for saying that the best thing for a gambler is to win, and the second-best thing is to lose. It’s sad but true. And as you watch this film, it’s hard not to ask yourself: What is the goal of the gambler? Clearly, it’s not the money, because Hoffman had no material needs and could steal all he wants from his bank. And without getting overly Freudian here, the goal seems to be self-punishment. How else could you describe it?


My one disappointment in the film is that you meet Dan Mahowny as a 24-year-old and never get any indication of his upbringing. Clearly, there’s something in his past that has led him to this sickness, yet you don’t get any clues. Instead, you see him at the height of his sickness and are taken on the inevitable downward spiral.


This film lacks poker action and humor, and is not one you should watch on a full stomach, but if you want greater insight into the world of a compulsive gambler, it’s worth your time. If you see some elements of yourself in the main character, it just means you’re human. If you think Phillip Seymour Hoffman could just as well be playing you, call for help — immediately.



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On The Buses: Traveling Togel World Cup 2010




As usual I ignored all the hype and planned to do my own thing for this World Cup. Having befriended a South African in Ghana during CAN 2008, I was offered accommodation in Cape Town. I decided to take up this offer and spend my first week there.


Arriving in Cape Town on the first Sunday of the Togel tournament I immediately set about finding the ticketing centre based in the airport, as no tickets were sent out of the country, all tickets were to be collected in South Africa by providing the card used for payment and the applicants passport.




The centre was quickly located and my request just to have my tickets for Cape Town released was granted. This meant that I did not have to carry my other tickets around with me. I was delighted to be able to report that this is the most efficient ticketing process discovered on my travels.


Having done my homework on my hosts whereabouts I found that there was a restaurant at the foot of the block of flats – Arnold’s. A useful reference point for finding the accommodation.


Unfortunately the weather in Cape Town for the first few days did not live up to its surroundings, as the days were overcast and wet, whilst the nights were cold especially at home where central heating appeared unheard of.


Ocean to the right.


The weather did improve towards the end of the week and this enabled me to see the beauty of the area. Numerous golden beaches adorn the peninsula and a trip to Chapman’s Peak brought back memories of the Amalfi coast, (to help you, think of the minis in the Italian Job driving along the costal roads, with rocks falling!!!!)


The first match I saw was Italy v Paraguay, outside the stadium news broke that the security guards had gone on strike, but the police handled affairs with no apparent problems. It seemed a very European crowd, until of course the vuvuzelas got going.


I am sorry but anyone who thinks that this adds something to the game needs their head examining. The game itself was cagey with Italy managing to scrape a draw. Remembering the scenes at the Fan Fests in Germany I decided to try the South African version. Whilst the backdrop with the town hall and Table Mountain looked good, unfortunately the weather proved to be the deciding factor. In Germany the weather had been glorious here it was still wet and miserable. Fan Fests in winter don’t work as well as they do in summer.


On The Buses: Traveling World Cup 2010.


My next game was England v Algeria, the highlight of this was strolling down the Fan Mile to the stadium, pedestrianised with plenty of bars and eateries and being made to realise how good this was compared to what I have to come, by friends who had already visited a number of stadiums. By this time the weather had turned and it felt like a warm summer’s evening back home in the UK, so of I went to freezing Johannesburg the next day.


I had read all about the Gautrain, the new rail link which connected the airport with Sandton a popular area for tourists, in fifteen minutes. So upon arrival at the airport I headed off to find the local transport intent (as ever) on making my own way to my accommodation. Eventually I located the local mini buses, in order to get into town I would need to change at Kempton Park. Then I would be dropped off near the train station. From there I could catch a train to Soweto.


On The Buses: Traveling World Cup 2010.


I remember the advice given to me by South African friends in Cape Town, and realised that within three hours of arriving in Johannesburg I had done most of the things that they told me not to. But I had made it, finally by hijacking a minibus near Orlando station, to tour the area in order to find my accommodation.


The B & B was frequented by a number of Mexicans, all of whom had hired cars. They warned me that it was not easy to get around with out them. Undeterred I set out on the afternoon of the Brazil v Ivory Coast match to make my way to Soccer City.


I was aware of a new bus service provided by Rea Vaya that had started a few weeks ago and was I believed set up to provide transport to and from the games in Johannesburg. Despite the fact that no locals appeared to know about this I made it to the stadium by bus with just a fifteen minute ride. The instructions for getting back were simple get the bus from wherever you were dropped off. So after the game I did exactly that only to be told that this was not the case. (This is Africa.) A trek around the perimeter and I found the bus back home.


On The Buses: Traveling World Cup 2010.



I had found details of a bus company that were taking fans to games outside of Johannesburg, so I decided to use their services to get to Rustenburg for the Mexico v Uruguay game. Whilst Rustenburg is a mere 121 km away from Johannesburg and therefore what I would class as a two hour journey, the truth was from from this. The town of Rustenburg is reached by a single lane road which meant a horrendous build up of traffic approaching the town.


However just when you reach Rustenburg you realise there is no stadium in sight and the situation persists for another 30 minutes until you reach the Park and Ride the other side of town. On the bus one passenger decided he had had enough as we slowly crawled towards the Park & Ride entrance and he decided to get off for a toilet break. One minute later we reached the entrance and as the cars turned off we sped down a deserted dual carriageway.


Traveling World Cup 2010


His son was still on board and gave his dad directions. I directed his dad back to the Park and Ride to get a lift. A good job as the stadium seemed to be a further 10 miles out of town. As ever the Mexican supporters provided good entertainment on a day when both teams were virtually assured of their place in the next round.


Returning back to Johannesburg around 11, the next dilemma was, how to get back to Soweto. I heard someone nearby say that he was going back to Soweto so suggested we go together. He agreed and then asked how brave I was as we got off the coach at Johannesburg Park Station! Fifteen minutes later and we were in a minibus in Carlton Square where a certain Dr Mutalezi drove us back to Soweto going through every red light as though he was coiour blind!


Traveling World Cup 2010.


On Thursday I had a choice to make. Do I stay in town and go to Ellis Park to see Slovakia v Italy, or do I take another four coach ride to see Paraguay v New Zealand. Off course I took the coach.


Arriving at the pick up point fifteen minutes early I was not surprised to see no-one else there. Found that the set off time had been delayed by an hour and that we were to wait for people to be brought from Sandton. We eventually set off at 10.30 for the 4p.m. kick off in Polokwane. I noticed the driver seemed unsure of his directions and read the signs with him and realised we were not heading north as I expected.


He answered a phone call (whilst driving) and then explained that he was now heading to the airport to pick up some other passengers. This decision did not go down well with the current passengers as we sat stationary in queuing traffic. We then had the farce of picking up the passengers and driving round in circles trying to get out of the airport.


We finally made it out of the airport and headed towards our destination, only for the driver to answer his phone again and then slow down. His boss was bringing another passenger from the airport and we were to wait for him. The rest of the passengers told the driver, in no uncertain terms, that he should not stop.


On The Buses: Traveling World Cup 2010.


Seeing police at the side of the road he quickly parked up and walked towards the police for refuge. Whilst he did this the passengers argued between themselves about who should drive the minibus to its destination. A foolhardy thing to do when the driver was with the police just 50 metres away. Several members of our party decide to relieve themselves at the side of the motorway. One of our party approached the police to complain about the service we had received as he had an important football match to go to.


The policeman well aware of the unrest on the bus, threatened to arrest all of those urinating in public. This turned the tables, and silence ensued. At this moment I asked the policeman if you were allowed to answer your phone whilst driving, he replied that you were not. I was confident now that we would finally get going. We eventually arrived 30 minutes before kick off after I directed the driver to the correct parking spot.


On The Buses: Traveling World Cup 2010.


The game itself wasn’t great but the atmosphere was better than I had experienced elsewhere. There was a large number of South Africans present and to hear them sing their national anthem, instead of blowing on their vuvuzelas was a welcome relief.


My final few days and some better football games. Chile gave a good account of themselves against Spain at Loftus Versfeld, whilst on Saturday I returned to Rustenburg for the USA v Ghana match, the journey back home being completed by 4a.m. My final match was Argentina v Mexico, would you believe, this time, on my third visit to Soccer City I caught the bus back from where I was dropped off.



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Togel Hongkong

World Cup Togel Hongkong Calendar Poster




Designer David Watson of design studio Trebleseven has created the poster to support Soccer Aid.


The idea is simple: sales of the A1 double sided poster raises money for Soccer Aid – a British charity event which raises money for UNICEF.


The front side of the poster (below) lists all the groups, A-H so you can clearly see which countries are in which group. A calendar runs down the right hand side listing chronologically all the matches to be played in the tournament.


World Cup Calendar Poster


The reverse of the poster (below) functions Togel Hongkong as a bold World Cup calendar – showing clearly what games are being played on each day.


The A1 double sided poster, produced in collaboration with G&B printers and PhoeniXmotion paper, is currently on press but will be available to buy soon for £10 (£7 for the print, £3 for post/packaging).


Johannesburg Fan Parks.


Johannesburg’s Fan Parks are located at Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown (official FIFA World Cup fan park), Innes-Free Park in Sandton and Walter Sisulu Square in Kliptown.


In Nelspruit the fan park is planned for Bergvlam Hoerskool, in Durban on the Beach Front and the fan parks are yet to be announced for Polokwane and Rustenburg.


South African Breweries (SAB) will provide the beer at all the Fifa Fan Fests and will increase production ahead of the finals to meet the increased demand.


Ballack Out Of World Cup


Michael Ballack has probably played in his last major tournament for Germany. Chelsea’s German midfielder limped out of the FA Cup final with an ankle injury sustained in a tackle with Kevin-Prince Boateng.


The ankle injury rules their Captain and inspiration out for eight weeks and means Germany manager, Joachim Low, will have to rethink his team with less than a month to the start of the tournament.


Germany are in tough looking group with Australia, Ghana & Serbia, and Ballack is still an integral component of the team, nearing 100 caps and having played in every major tournament since 2000. He will be greatly missed and will be a difficult hole to fill.


So who will step into Ballack’s shoes? Low has called on the squad to pull together and for the younger players to use the opportunity to grow into major roles. Germany are traditionally a side who go for experience but Low’s provisional 27-man squad has a real youthful look to it, with six players aged 20 or 21.


Bastian Schweinsteiger has had a fine season for Bayern Munich who have captured the Bundesliga title and could win the Champions League. He’s a cert for the centre of the park. Alongside

Schweinsteiger will be Hamburg’s Piotr Trochowski. Depending on Low’s chosen shape this leaves at least one, maybe two, midfield spots.




Lazio midfielder, Thomas Hitlsperger, played in nearly all the qualifying games but is also missing from the squad after being snubbed. His January move from Stuttgart to Italy was Low’s reason for leaving him out. Other absences from the squad include Simon Rolfes & Aaron Hunt to there will be a posse of youngsters vying for the final midfield berth.



Mesut Özil (8 caps), Marko Marin (7), Sami Khedira (3), Toni Kroos (2) and Christian Träsch (2) are all 23 or younger and Low will be keeping a careful eye on them all as he ponders the best replacement for his talismanic skipper.




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Qatar Stars Togel Hongkong League Week 23




The Qatar Stars League has left its fans bubbling with excitement. Defending champions Al Gharafa and dark horses Al Rayyan are locked in a heated battle that could well be stretched into the final round. Although both teams stand on equal points, 48, Al Rayyan lead the table on a better goal difference.


The razor-thin margin and rivalry between the teams mean that exciting times are here for football aficionados in the country. The sport’s enthusiasts will be treated to a special fare on Saturday when the champions and the pretenders to the throne come face to face in a match-up of epic proportions.


Both teams played out their games in contrasting fashions. While Al Gharafa toiled hard for a controversial 2-1 win against Umm Salal, Al Rayyan decimated League newcomers Al Kharaitiyat 5-1. The weaklings, who do not yet have a home stadium, were overawed by their opponents and missed many chances. Al Rayyan has been playing magnificent football and they show no signs of letting up.


Al Sadd, who were touted as a potential third Togel Hongkong candidate for the revamped Qatar Stars League’s inaugural title, disappointed big time. They were held to a 1-1 draw by a relatively weaker Al Khor. Al Sadd may still be under the influences of their ‘dream match’ against Italian giants AC Milan, who played in Qatar in a testimonial match for Al Sadd captain Jaffal Rashed Al Kuwari last week.


The 23rd week of the Qatar Stars League belonged to the underdogs. Al Sailiya, who were widely expected to be soundly thrashed by Al Arabi, turned the tables on their hosts with an upset 2-1 win. Although Al Arabi missed a few key players from their line-up, Al Sailiya played with heart to beat the reds at their lair. It also helped the team to get out of the bottom rung of the Qatar Stars League (16 points), and temporarily scamper away from relegation threat. Two points now separate them from bottom-side Al Kharaitiyat (14pts)


The final game of the week, between Qatar Sports Club and Al Wakra, proved to be exciting. Qatar Sports Club, who have not won a title in quite some time, took advantage of a weak Al Wakra defence and scored twice to win 2-1. Al Wakra’s form book has shown constant fluctuations and inconsistency has been their biggest threat.


At the end of 23rd round, Al Rayyan and Al Gharafa share 48 points at the top. Al Sadd (42pts), Qatar SC (39pts), Al Khor (31pts), Umm Salal (28pts), Al Wakra (27pts), Al Arabi (22pts), Al Sailiya (16pts) and Al Kharaitiyat (14pts) are the other teams.



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Bauza ends impressive stint with Bandarq Quito on losing note




YOKOHAMA—Liga de Quito’s Argentine coach Edgardo Bauza announced that he was quitting the club at the end of the Club World Cup. While Sunday’s 1-0 loss to Manchester United in the final came as a disappointment, the former Argentina national team player nevertheless had an exceptional year with the club, steering it to a first-ever Copa Libertadores win for an Ecuadorian side.

Following are excerpts from his final Bandarq press conference as Liga de Quito boss:


Q: Despite the loss are you proud of your team?

A: I mentioned earlier that I didn’t know what would happen tonight. I am very proud of my players. Both teams came to Japan to win. We were defeated and it’s sad. We’re depressed but we know we were the underdogs. We are very happy to have come so far. It took about 20 minutes for us to get used to Manchester and the atmosphere. Some of our players played very well in the first half and overall I consider it a draw.

United went down a man and we were unable to take advantage of it. Our counterattack wasn’t effective.


Q: Did you feel you didn’t take enough risks?

A: We wanted to. I changed from four defenders to three when I brought off defender Paul Ambrosi. In the last 10 minutes we had two or three chances to score and we didn’t capitalize. I wanted speedier movement on the flanks and I changed to three defenders, which is the pattern of attack that I prefer.


Q: Your team played very bravely today and you showed that you were equal with United in many respects.

A: I think we have to analyze the game. Were we equal? I don’t think so. Our players were looking for opportunities and couldn’t. We tried to impose our style but couldn’t because of the greatness of our opponent.


Q: What was your overall strategy for today’s match?

A: Actually, our strategy was to try not to retreat too much because United, when they have the ball, always have the ability to score. In the second half I told my players to move the backline higher, but United were using three forwards and Park Ji-sung was there as well so we couldn’t do what we wanted on the pitch. I used (attacking midfielder Alejandro) Manso more in the second half to produce more of an attack.


Q: Was your team nervous today?

A: No, for the first 15 minutes we tried to stop United’s passing. They created two great opportunities to score. We had to be patient early but we struggled even harder than we expected and had a poor first half. But I thought we had more possession as the game progressed.


Q: What do you say to the people in Ecuador?

A: It’s a little complex. First, I am really satisfied to be a part of this team and to represent Ecuador here. It is really important for my career and this experience will remain with all of us. We are sad that we didn’t have enough power to win, and I thought we could make United struggle more. They are a great team and we are proud to have played them. I have finished a cycle here and am glad to end my time with the club on this note. I hope the people of Ecuador are happy with our performance.




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Pkv Cruising for a Bruceing




Sometimes, it’s not easy being a football fan. A friend of mine was recently asked which team he supported, “I’ve never been to a football match.” he replied, “I rarely leave my house for longer than 20 minutes, as I can’t use public toilets due to my Pkv minuscule equipment. I can’t watch football at home either, because excessive solo lovemaking has led to serious vision problems. As a result, I have no affiliation with football, or any particular team.”


He just couldn’t admit to being a Birmingham City fan, it would have been too embarrassing.


After a seven goal thumping on their own patch, the Blues must be dreading a trip to Old Trafford. United are the good things of the weekend at 2/9, and the 6/1 on offer for United finding the net six times or more is worth a 2nd look.


There must be something in the water in Birmingham, Aston Villa are also going through a poor spell. Like their neighbours, Villa have been unlucky with injuries. Berger has rarely played, Mellberg has been in and out of the first 11 and perhaps most cruelly of all, Ridgewell has been continuously available for selection. No wonder O’Leary’s always moaning.


It’s a good job the Villa have a few points in the bag from earlier in the season, as you can’t foresee a Villa win under any circumstances. Fulham have steadfastly refused to win away from home, at Villa Park, they have no choice. Fulham are a great bet at 2/1.


In a week where Robbie Savage received a 2nd yellow card and Liverpool strikers were scoring for fun, it was refreshing to see Chelsea players surround the ref in an aggressive fashion and a John Terry challenge in the penalty area go unpunished, ensuring a swift return to normality.


Man City are the next visitors to the Bridge; a bad week for Stuart Pearce is about to take a turn for the worse. The Psycho must regret resting his star players and Darius Vassell in a defeat to Wigan last week, as the Hammers knocked them out of the Cup two days later. City have two chances at Stamford Bridge, slim and none; and slim has just gone on the Atkins. Chelsea are available at 2/7, it’s your duty to be on.


Blackburn are a great looking bet at 8/13 to leave the Stadium of Light with three points. Craig Bellamy has scored in his last three matches and netted twice against the Mackems in the reverse fixture earlier in the season. It’s 9/2 that the Welshman bags another pair, help yourself to a double Bells.


Everton haven’t enjoyed their trips across the park in recent years, they haven’t won at Anfield since 1999; pop midget ‘Prince’ was so impressed he wrote a song about it. The Reds currently look unplayable; the 8/13 on the table is more than fair.


Liverpool scoring 15 goals in 3 games was surprising, but the fact that all four of their much maligned strikers found the net left me genuinely stunned. Move over the Beatles, Liverpool have a new ‘Fab 4’. Cisse is Ringo (mediocre), Morientes is George (superfluous), Crouch is Paul (over-rated), and Fowler is John (shot). A tough but fair comparison. I’m still not convinced by Crouchy, if you’re a believer, he’s an 11/8 shot to find the net in the derby.




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Did Nastase take the money from Poker online?




Dinamo Bucharest’s Valentin Nastase has been accused by a Romanian daily, Fanatic, of having been paid by Lazio Rome to cause a penalty in favour of the Italians in their recent Champions’ League preliminary tie.


The penalty early in the second half enabled Lazio to draw level and start a turnaround on the way to a 3-1 away win.


While the Italians qualified with a 4-2 aggregate score, Nastase has to defend himself.

“I am being massacred from all sides. I have sent a note of denial to all Romanian newspapers, but they don’t want to print it. I have sued the paper that published the lie. I’m not interested in money, only in truth and an apology,” said the former Genoa, Palermo, Bologna and Ascoli player.

Curiously, last season while playing in Ascoli, Nastase also gave away a penalty in Lazio’s favour!


Coco from Inter to Hollywood!


The former Italian international Francesco Coco has quit football aged only 30 in order to pursue an acting career!


One of the most handsome Italian players rescinded his contract with Internazionale, which was due to run until July 2009, convinced he could achieve significant success on the acting stage in Poker Online. “I have received important offers from US film companies. I would like to make my second dream come true, because my soccer dream has already become reality,” Coco told the ANSA agency.

It looks as though Coco has played his last games last season in Torino on loan from Inter.

“I have been contemplating this for a long time. This decision is a well thought-out one. I left the doors to soccer open this summer, but in the meantime I realized it was the moment to take a different direction.”

The former wing-back for Milan, Torino, Livorno and Barcelona has lately been appearing in the news more due to his amorous conquests of beauties Manuela Arcuri and Francesca Lodo.


Benfica aim at 200,000 members


The most popular Portuguese club, Benfica, are the world record holders in the number of registered members with 170,000 card holders. Still, the Eagles aim to soar to even greater hights.

“Our next goal is 200,000 members. We plan to reach this mark by the end of the season, and we believe it will be done if we win the League title,” said marketing director Miguel Bento.

Benfica have members in 48 countries, and over the last three years it has increased club membership by 75,000.

“By the end of 2005/06 we had 150,000, and last spring 160,000, when we entered the Guinness Book of Records,” added Bento.

Benfica have won 31 League titles, 24 FA Cups and two Champions’ Cups.


Ramos forgiven a yellow card over Puerta


The Competition Committee of the Spanish FA rescinded the yellow card Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos received against Villarreal for the offence of taking his shirt off.

The pardon was given because under the team shirt Ramos wore another with the inscription, “Puerta, brother, rest in peace, we shall not forget you.”

“It was a sincere hommage to the late Antonio Puerta, which gave us the right to cancel this yellow card,” explained the Committee.

Ramos was admonished in the 50th minute while celebrating Van Nistelrooy’s goal in Real’s 5-0 win.


Afonso refuses to be “a slave”


The Brazilian Afonso Alves, who last season scored 34 goals for Heerenveen, as many as Eduardo da Silva at Dinamo Zagreb, claims he is a “slave” in Holland and an object of “racist harrassment”.

“Much is been said about slavery in Brazil. These accusations are, alas, true. But, even in some parts of the liberal Netherlands there flourish slave-owning organizations while the 21st century is well underway,” wrote the international on his web site.

This could be read as an allusion to his team, Heerenveen, which do not want to release Afonso to a bigger club, in spite of alluring offers, like one from Premier League Middlesbrough.

“The board members are shortsighted amateurs, who turned down the offers,” claims Afonso.

The player did not apear at the Dutch League best player award-giving ceremony because of racist insults he had suffered.

“Some Heerenveen fans, blinded by Nazi illusions, have been calling me an ape,” added the Brazilian.


Argentinian police arrest 127 fans


The police in Buenos Aires has detained 127 River Plate fans, including the leader of the ultra group “Borrachos del tablón” (Drunkards from the terrace), while they were on the premises of their club. The arrests were made in order to prevent a fight between the Drunkards and rival fan groups. The motive of the agreed fight among various River fan groups was over control of gathering spaces and bars in the vicinty of River’s Monumental stadium.


Ronaldo target of antidoping agency


The therapy Ronaldo received in Brazil for his left thigh injury has concerned the Italian Antidoping Commission.

The therapy in question is the “growth factor technique” consisting of extracting protein from the patient’s blood and injecting the purified blood in to the injured spot.

Unfortunately. the World Antidoping Agency (WADA) has not pronounced yet regarding the therapy so the Italians have not approved it either.

The chairman of the Antidoping Commission, Ettore Torri, has asked the doctors of the Italian Olympic Committee for an opinion, and they replied that the growth factor technique was in fact a form of doping.

“We consider doping to be whatever can help an athlete to improve his or her performance,” said Luigi Frati of the Italian Olympic Committee.

The injured Brazilian is not expected to return to fitness before mid October.



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El Diego turns Togel Online victory into vengeance





Fans of a bit of blue will be happy with the news that Argentina has now finally booked their place at South Africa 2010.


It’s not just on their famous striped shirts however that the blue will be found but also coming from the mouth of Diego Maradona if his latest press conference is anything to go by.


El Diego rounded on his critics from Argentina’s press pack after his side’s hard fought 1-0 victory over Uruguay in Montevideo.


Anybody not wishing to see the result should look away now.


After joyful scenes on the pitch at the final whistle Maradona cut a very different figure when he emerged for his press conference in the bowels of the Estadio Centenario.


“To those who did not believe in us,” Maradona said before apologising to the women present for what he was about to say, “they can suck my d***, and keep on sucking it.”


Maradona had not even been overly Togel Online lambasted in the Argentine press for his management record in World Cup qualifiers. Before narrow wins over Peru and Uruguay this week he had only secured six points in six games.


“You lot take it up the a***,” Maradona further taunted the press, “This victory is for all Argentines, except for the journalists.”


Last week it was reported that Maradona was due to quit his post and had fallen out with several members of his backroom staff. The manager was clearly angered at these stories and did not pull any punches with the assembled journalists.


“For those who did not believe in the team and treated me like dirt,” Maradona said in launching yet another verbal broadside. “They will now have to accept this. I want to thank the players and the fans, no one but them.”


José Mourinho is often lauded for using his press conferences to divert attention away from his players but El Diego took things a good hop, step and jump away from anything the Special One has ever come out with.


“So I repeat, to all those that said anything against me, keep eating your words.” Maradona concluded. “I am very proud of my players. They made me feel like a real coach because all of what we had planned in the dressing room, they did it on the pitch.”


The comments have, perhaps unsurprisingly, not gone down too well with Argentina’s daily newspapers. Top selling rag Clarin dubbed Maradona’s comments “scandalous” while football daily Olé slammed the manager as being “absolutely out of place.”


The game itself was played out with a caginess at odds with Maradona’s press conference. After all not was this a derby match but also a cup final for both sides.


Argentina went into the game needing only a draw to secure the fourth and last automatic qualifying spot for the World Cup and they set themselves up accordingly.


Last gasp goal hero from Saturday’s 2-1 win over Peru, Martin Palermo was left on the bench along with Carlos Tevez.


Instead Maradona paired Lionel Messi with his new favourite Gonzalo Higuain of Real Madrid. Juan Veron was recalled in midfield after serving a suspension against Peru and captain Javier Mascherano also added bite in the middle of the park.


The first half saw yet another ineffective performance from Messi in the number 10 shirt for Argentina and it was at the other that Diego Forlan and in particularly Luis Suarez of Ajax looked far more likely to break the deadlock.


Argentine ‘keeper Sergio Romero dealt with everything that made its way through however and he was ably assisted by his backline which included veterans Martin Demichelis and Gabriel Heinze.


With Paraguayan referee Carlos Amarilla dishing out four yellow cards early on it was clear that he was looking to crackdown on any gamesmanship between the two sides.


The eighth yellow card of the game turned out to be the second for Uruguayan defender Martin Caceres and Amarilla duly sent him packing for an early bath.


From the resulting free kick on the right-hand angle of Uruguay’s penalty area second half substitute Mario Bolatti found himself in space and stoked home from eight yards out to give Argentina a precious lead.


With news of Chile’s 1-0 lead over Ecuador also reverberating around the stadium it was clear that Uruguay were still heading for fifth spot in the qualifying group and another chance to reach South Africa via a playoff.


At the close of play Argentina celebrated on the pitch in much the same way Brazil had done on in Rosario last month. The night’s hosts were left to contemplate two games against Costa Rica next month.


It will be the third consecutive time Uruguay have gone into a playoff to determine whether or not they will get the chance to perform on the biggest stage.


Their passage to South Korea and Japan in 2002 was secured by a two legged victory over Australia while the same opponents prevented them from attending Germany 2006.


“We can do it,” Was Diego Forlan’s optimistic assessment of the upcoming games with Costa Rica. “Nobody likes being in this position but we’ve been there before and know how to approach it.”


The night’s big losers were Ecuador who could not spoil the celebrations in Chile and nick a result. A win would have seen them leapfrog Uruguay but a second half strike from Chile’s leading marksman Humberto Suazo saw the Ecuadorans go down to a 1-0 defeat in Santiago.


Elsewhere on the continent Brazil and Paraguay, both already scouting hotels in South Africa, fielded experimental line-ups against Venezuela and Colombia respectively.


Colombia managed to finish their campaign on a high with 2-0 win in Asuncion. Second half efforts from Gustavo Ramos and Hugo Rodallega of Wigan gave fans of the Cafeteros a taste of what might have been.


Brazil maintained their unbeaten home record in qualifying and Dunga blooded more of the impressive domestic based talent he has at his disposal. Despite the 0-0 draw the coach will have been happy with what he saw from the likes of Nilmar and Ramires operating alongside established stars such as Kaká and Luis Fabiano.


In the basement battle a single goal handed Peru victory over Bolivia. The Incas still finish bottom of the group however despite Johan Fano’s strike handing them all three points. Peru’s entire campaign seemed personified by Fano getting himself sent off just two minutes after his good work had given his team the lead.…

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Matt Sorenson at Southendformaggio, one of PokerListings longtime gamers had this to say about the new search engine, “”I couldn’t possibly get this kind of information — as fast and with as much detail – on my own. There’s just no way.”


Sorenson has successful hopes of the engine landing him some good games – Southendformaggio. He describes his new strategy or agenda for gaming as follows.


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After making a quick selection of slot online preferences from the drop down menus, mere click of the button will have the necessary information directly from the tables of online poker’s best rooms and largest networks in a matter of seconds.


According to Camilla Sundell, the Press Secretary of Southendformaggio, the new search engine is the answer to for poker players all over the globe.


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judi online

Alasan Kenapa Situs Judi Bola Sbobet Semakin Judi Online Populer




Sbobet adalah salah satu layanan yang menyediakan fasilitas taruhan bola yang cukup populer, bahkan tidak hanya sebagai agen bola saja melainkan juga permainan olahraga lain seperti pacuan kuda dan juga Casino Online. Bahkan sekarang ini mudah sekali bagi anda untuk menemukan situs-situs bandar Sbobet yang melayani pembuatan akun Sbobet.


Popularitas Sbobet ini terus meningkat dari waktu ke waktu, kenapa demikian? tentu saja karena antusiasme pertandingan bola di kalangan masyarakat tak pernah menurun. Tentu lebih menarik lagi jika para penonton bola semakin bersemangat mendukung tim kesayangan mereka dengan bertaruh dengan teman atau rekan-rekan mereka.


Mungkin takut jika tidak fair dilakukan didarat dan ingin lebih praktis maka bisa lewat situs Sbobet karena sudah pasti permainannya fair dan aman. Anda pun tidak perlu deposit dana yang terlalu besar cukup dengan beberapa puluh ribu rupiah saja anda sudah bisa bermain permainan Sbobet online di situs resmi Sbobet.


Meskipun di Indonesia sendiri aktivitas perjudian judi online telah lama dilarang dan berdampak pada diblokirnya situs judi online hal ini tidak menurunkan antusiasme para bettor dan juga bettor baru dalam bermain judi online melalui situs Sbobet. Cukup dengan menggunakan VPN pengguna sudah dapat mengakses situs-situs yang diblokir pemerintah maupun internet positif.


Terlebih untuk memahami cara kerja situs Sbobet online sangatlah mudah, jadi proses adaptasi dilakukan dalam waktu yang sebentar. Banyaknya fasilitas dan jenis permainan semakin membuat betah para bettor dalam bermain judi online. Inilah beberapa alasan kenapa situs judi online Sbobe semakin populer dari waktu ke waktu.


Namun perlu diperhatikan bahwa judi adalah sebuah hiburan, jadi sebaiknya pastikan anda menggunakan waktu senggang anda dalam bermain judi online. Gunakan juga uang bebas anda dalam bermain judi online, judi online adalah permainan probabilitas maka selalu ada yang menang dan kalah dalam setiap permainan.


Pemain Bola yang Meninggal Saat Bertanding


Setiap profesi yang digeluti oleh seseorang itu memiliki risikonya masing-masing. Tidak terlepas juga para pesepakbola di luar sana. Ajal selalu mengintai mereka kapan saja. Banyak penyebab mereka mati di lapangan seketika mulai dari serangan jantung, hingga bertabrakan dengan lawan mainnya. Siapa saja ?


  1. Blackstock


Pesepak bola ini meninggal di lapangan pada 8 April 1907 saat membela Manchester United melawan St Halens. Pemain ini roboh ke tanah usia menyundul bola dan tak sadarkan diri. Sempat dibopong ke ruang ganti, namun tak lama berselang Blackstock dinyatakan tewas. Hasil otopsi menyatakan Blackstock meninggal karena penyebab alami.” Tapi, rekan setimnya, Frank Buckley, yang melihatnya terjatuh yakin Blackstock meninggal terkena serangan jantung.


  1. Jumadi Abdi


Sungguh malang nasih pesepakbola nasional ini. Dia meninggal dunia pada 15 Maret 2009. Jumadi yang kala itu membela PKT Bontang, sebelumnya terlibat benturan dengan Denny Tarkas, Persela Lamongan. Jumadi mengalami cedera serius di bagian perut. Sempat dirawat selama delapan hari dan menjalani operasi, namun nyawanya tak bisa diselamatkan.


  1. Miroslav Klose


Selebrasi gol yang salah bisa berakibat fatal. Hanya karena salto, pemain ini menghembuskan napas terakhirnya. Insiden terjadi ketika bertemu Chanmari West FC, Selasa, 10 Oktober 2014. Pemain 23 tahun tersebut mencetak gol untuk timnya pada menit ke-62. Untuk merayakannya, Biaksangzuala melakukan selebrasi salto ala Miroslav Klose. Sayangnya, selebrasi ini berakhir petaka. Dia justru mengalami cedera karena jatuh dalam posisi salah.


  1. Marcio Roberto


Marcio Roberto dos Santos, paling dikenal sebagai Marcio Santos yang bermain sebagai bek untuk tim Internacional, Fiorentina, dan Ajax. Ia lahir di Sao Paulo. Striker Brasil ini juga meninggal karena serangan jantung satu jam setelah mencetak gol pada Oktober 2002.


  1. Miklos


Punggawa Benfica ini pingsan saat bertanding melawan Victoria pada 25 Januari 2004 silam. Sayangnya saat tengah malam, ia dinyatakan meninggal dunia karena serangan jantung dan masih banyak lagi pesepakbola yang meninggal.…

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