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Top 10 slot online of the year


As online gambling continues to grow in popularity, choosing a reputable slot online has become increasingly important. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 10 online casinos of the year to help you make an informed decision.

888 Casino

888 Casino is a popular choice among online casino enthusiasts. With over 20 years of experience, 888 Casino has a proven track record of providing high-quality gaming experiences. The casino offers a wide variety of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games.

Betway Casino

Betway Casino is known for its excellent customer service and a wide selection of games. The casino offers a variety of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. Betway Casino also has a sports betting section for those who enjoy betting on sports.

Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City Casino is a long-standing online casino with a great reputation. The casino offers a wide variety of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. The casino also offers excellent customer service and fast payouts.

Spin Casino

Spin Casino is a newer online casino that has quickly gained a following due to its excellent customer service and a wide selection of games. The casino offers a variety of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games.

LeoVegas Casino

LeoVegas Casino is a mobile-friendly casino that offers a variety of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. The casino also offers excellent customer service and fast payouts.

Royal Panda Casino

Royal Panda Casino is known for its unique and fun design. The casino offers a variety of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. Royal Panda Casino also has a sports betting section for those who enjoy betting on sports.

Betsson Casino

Betsson Casino is a popular choice among online casino enthusiasts. The casino offers a variety of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. Betsson Casino also has a sports betting section for those who enjoy betting on sports.

Casumo Casino

Casumo Casino is a newer online casino that has quickly gained a following due to its unique design and a wide selection of games. The casino offers a variety of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games.

Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino is a long-standing online casino with a great reputation. The casino offers a wide variety of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. The casino also offers excellent customer service and fast payouts.

William Hill Casino

William Hill Casino is a well-known name in the world of gambling. The casino offers a wide variety of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. William Hill Casino also has a sports betting section for those who enjoy betting on sports.

In conclusion, these online casinos have been chosen based on their reputation, customer service, game selection, and payout speed. It’s important to remember to gamble responsibly and to only gamble with money that you can afford to lose.…

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Wil Wheaton – The Winner of World Series of Strip เเทงหวยออนไลน์


Wil Wheaton is the winner of this year’s World Series of Strip เเทงหวยออนไลน์ He was responsible for stripping off eight other opponents, in the final table to clinch the title. Wheaton has been practicing for the game in the last few months by playing in online strip-poker tournaments at He has also been taking part in celebrity strip downs. During this year’s tournament, Wheaton dropped a hand, quite early. He even dropped his shorts. However some hands later, he won back a pair of size 36 Levi’s. This helped him to settle down in the game. Luckily he did not have to show his monster hand. While Wheaton was relatively slow at betting , he became more aggressive as the tournament progressed. reports:
At the end of the first day, Wheaton almost lost his shirt (and everything else) going all-in, or more aptly “all off” with a pair of pocket Jacks, but came out on top (and with an extra top when sexy Christy Meanly from Arlington Texas, got the third jack, but failed to make her full house. Wheaton had jokingly mentioned that she had a nice set, but unfortunately her 3-of-a-kind wasn’t enough to beat his flush.
Strategy – Odds of Catching Your Hand to the Odds the Pot is Giving
Success in a game of poker depends upon whether you are at any time able to calculate the odds that you have, of catching the hand as against the odds the pot is giving you. In poker, you can find out the probability of making specific hand By calculating the Hand odds. If you can figure out how many outs you have, you will be able to find the possibility of finding out the number of times you will hit your hand by the river. If you get A9 of Hearts in a Texas Hold’em and then the flop comes up to show two hearts. You will have a 36% chance approximately, of hitting another heart by the river. This can be figured out by finding out the number of outs you have. The number of cards that remain in the deck, are called outs. These are the cards that are not visible to you and that can help to make your hand. reports:
If we are using the hand above as an example and you hold A-9 of Hearts and catch two hearts on the flop, then you have 9 more hearts in the deck that can help you complete your flush. 2 hearts in your hand + 2 Hearts on the table minus 13 hearts in total = 9 outs.…

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Internet Gambling Legislation: What Political Gains Can Politicians Get?


At present, there is an ongoing debate in congress whether to legalize, regulate or ban internet gambling altogether. However, its more popularly known as a lobbyist issue. We all know that ordinary American citizens don’t give any concern on this issue because it doesn’t necessarily affect their day to day living. But there are small factions in the whole population that is concern on this issue in their
These groups no matter how small they are can place any Senator and congressman in hot water. On one side the lawmakers can choose to prefer their personal views and opinions in the matter and on the other hand, the special interest groups can pressure them on their decisions especially if they are the ones who funds the campaign.
Envision that you’re a first term representative from an absolute Republican angling territory; but you come through the republican primary by a very thin edge. Even if you were a zealous online poker player, it would be political self-destruction for you to choose to countermand the UIGEA legislation! Largely, your constituents couldn’t be troubled, but you cannot afford to drop off the support of “rightist” radicals like Focus on the Family and the Christian Coalition (both of which are vehemently contrary to online gaming). The detachment of their financial support, and resultant backing of a different prospect (who ascertains matters their way), would be adequate to guarantee you never see a 2nd term.
Either way, if you are on a neutral territories, you will still receive pressures from both sides of the legislation that will surely affect your voting decision.
In conclusion, politicians will now based their votes on politics and not on their own beliefs on this matter. Whoever holds the heaviest influence in the general population will win the heart of the lawmakers because their careers depends on making the right decisions for the right group of people. The right people will be the ones who can guarantee them another term in their political career and of course funding in their campaigns.
Post diction – A Basic Angka Keluaran HK Error
Everybody knows about prediction associating it with famous name like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and of course fortune telling. While post diction is not that famous. Its not use in our day to day language and I’m upset to say that even my spell check can’t identify this word. But the truth us post diction can be found in a lot of aspects in society.
Post diction implies to apprehend a situation that already pass then place a prejudice perception into it. In reality, this is usual in sports as being a Monday Morning Quarterback, which you will be able to come across as the general line: “How could he leave Pedro Martinez in for the 8th inning?!?!?!?!”
Poker players are absolutely culpable in committing post diction. They frequently use it to vindicate the poor play they just formed in order for their pride to be whole. For instance, a player presumes that he’s hand will draw after 6 outs but as a matter of fact it was 10 and only recognizes it when the hands came out. This player then kind of utilize this new information to cut their call. And because of this, your adversaries regard for you will be greater, since they considered that you’ve interpret on situation attributable to the fact you’ve given.
This kind of mistake is highly dangerous practice to be caught upon. This is due to the fact that playing poker should be making the right decisions given all the data you have in hand and not about the conclusion of a hand. So if you become dependent to post diction in order to rationalize your wrong decisions then you’ll have a difficulty in reforming the minuscule leaks in your game play.
Long time losing players often hold on to post diction in playing poker. The certainly know the game because they have a vast experience but they always state that they are the most unfortunate person in the universe. Fact is, this kind of people are victims of post diction and mistakes in their game play are quiet astounding.
Its easy to wallow on post diction rather than accepting that you made an error in your game. Life and poker has a thing in common: the most simplest way to go away is not the best choice. Honesty to yourself and selfless hard work will make you a better poker player in the end.…

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Big WPBT News sbobet


I’ve been working on this for a while and am finally able to announce it.
When PokerStars announced it was sponsoring the Blogger Championship in October, I once again realized how damned nice it is to work for a company that “gets it.”
Further, when Wil Wheaton announced he was coming to the sbobet Winter Classic., I was proud to know that a member sport kazakhstan of Team PokerStars was going to be on hand to compete with he best bloggers in the land.
And now…this.
PokerStars has generously offered (and I have accepted on the WPBT’s behalf) to put up some great stuff for the Winter Classic. So, when we all head out to Vegas here in a few weeks, we will not only be competing for each other’s money. Here’s what else will be in the prize pool.
* PokerStars will be adding $2000 to the prize pool pin up of the WPBT Winter Classic. If my rudimentary math skills are serving me well, that means (based on 100 players) we’ll now be playing for $7000 instead of $5000.
jacket.jpg* The winner of the WPBT Classic will receive the the coolest (and, frankly, most expensive) item from the PokerStars FPP store: the wool PokerStars letterman’s jacket (since we don’t know who will win, we’ll get it ordered for the winner after weekend is over–although if CJ’s rush lasts another month, we might as well just order the large now).
* Famed poker author and player Nolan Dalla will be on hand to talk to all of us about this crazy game we play and all that he’s seen during his time in the business. If you haven’t already met Nolan, he is one of the coolest poker writers and players in Vegas. He’s written for just about every poker publication and also serves as media director for the WSOP. Oh, yeah…he also just happens to have co-authored the best poker book of the year, which leads me to…
* Every member of the Winter Classic Final table will receive a signed copy of Nolan’s book, “One of a Kind”. This book has already received rave reviews and could soon be the basis for a blockbuster Hollywood movie.
* And if you’re not CJ, Bill Rini, Felicia, etc…and figure to be at the bar within the first few levels, PokerStars will have some great shirts, hats, CDs, and other stuff for the bust-out inclined.
So, thereya go. PokerStars gets it and I’m proud to work for them. There’s no quid quo pro, here. It’s just PokerStars being cool. However, if you’d like to thank them via your blog, it’d make me happy.
Now, find a way to make it through the next 17 days without getting so excited your wife/husband/boss decides to keep you at home.…

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Real life slot hoki


The chatter of a foreign language zipped around the table. Tall beers, mexican food, and a flurry of waiters busboys, and latin hostesses filled the room. L’il Otis slept through it all as I sat with Mrs. Otis and two smiling people.
Amazing, I thought.
About 18 years ago, my dad taught me to play poker slot hoki with plastic chips and an old deck of cards. Over the years, he’d sit in on games with my high school friends, schooling us on when to draw and when not to draw.
Years later, he’d take me on my first trip to Vegas. I was too young to play at the time, occasionally slipping next to a slot machine for a few pulls or up to a roulette table for a few spins of the wheel. My dad would be sitting in a poker room, raking chips, hitting bad beat jackpots, and staying up much later than he ever did in life around the house.
At the time, I remember longing to be sitting there with him, slinging chips, playing the old father and son games that we did in the years before.
In April of 2003, I won an award for a project I completed in my day job. It was fairly prestigious and was presented to me in Atlantic City in front of my wife and parents. Afterwards, Dad and I headed to a poker room and sat up until 4am coffeehousing with the locals and fufilling my dream of playing as father and son.
As we got ready to part the next morning, Dad cornered me by the elevators and slipped a roll of cash into my hand. He knew I was pretty poor and didn’t have much of a bankroll to play. “I didn’t lose as much as thought I would on this trip. Take it and do whatever you want with it,” he said.
The summer passed and I had done little with the money. I’d played in a few home games with it and built it up a little. I took it to Vegas and played with it there, raking pots and thanking Dad for it all along. It’s good to have a backer, I thought.
By October of 2003 I was playing better and winning more. I’d gone on a weekend trip to a semi-annual music festival I use to get my head straight. That October trip had been fun, but busted in the waning moments when the social dynamic of a long-time group of friends was ripped apart by the indiscretions of one of my buddies. The thoughts were weighing on my mind as I drove home from the mountains.
I picked up my dog from the kennel and was five minutes from home when my brother called on my cell phone.
“Dad is in the hospital,” he said.
My brother, the doctor, went on to explain as best he could in layperson’s terms what had happened. An aneurysm had ruptured behind my dad’s left eye, forming a huge clot in his brain. The chances of him living were slim. If he managed to pull through, the chances of him living any normal sort of life were almost none. The best-case scenarios in discussion were life in a wheelchair that would probably have to be attended to my a fulltime nurse.
Barely showered from my camping trip, I hopped on a plane with my wife and flew home. Eight hours later I was looking at my dad, the gregarious, chip-slinging hero. He was full of tubes, unconcious, and looking worse than I’d ever seen him.
I tried to play the tough guy, the rock for the family. But as a card player I knew the odds were slim. The man had so few outs that if he’d been in a game he would’ve been walking away from the table before the river hit.
The doctors said they’d try to fix what was broken, but in trying to fix it, there was a better than 50% chance they would kill or paralyze him. If they didn’t fix it, he would die pretty soon anyway.
We waited for three days before the first surgery before watching him get wheeled into the OR. Three hours later, the doctors emerged. “We didn’t get it,” they said.
Apparntly, the surgery was all about “getting it” (fixing the rupture).
The surgery was a wash. We were back to square one.
Three days later, they tried again, but were largely unsuccessful. The dynamics of the surgery were changing. They’d removed the clot, but were unable to fix the rupture.
By this point, I’d done what my dad always told me to do if something were to happen to him. I’d gotten his attorney on the phone and started making arrangements to make sure my mom was set up.
I had lost my cool by that point, wandering the hospital grounds, breaking into racking crying fits that my wife tried desperately to control. I was lost.
It finally came down to a late-night discission in the Emergency Room parking lot with the chief neurosurgeon. We could leave things as they are. If we did, Dad had a 50/50 chance of living for another six months. After that, all bets were off. And even then, he likely would be wheelchair-bound and living no sort of real life.
Or, they could try one last, ultimately risky surgery.
I didn’t have to think. Dad would want the surgery. He didn’t want to cash. He wanted to win.
That afternoon, I stood at the OR bay doors and watched him get wheeled for a third time to what would almost certainly be the last gamble he’d ever take. It was the worst feeling I’d ever had.
An hour ticked by, then another. The waiting room phone rang and rang, but each time it was for another grieving family. About a dozen of my dad’s family and friends sat thumbing through magazines, lying to themselves and each other about how they were sure everything was going to be okay.…

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Tags: make money online, make money online fast, make money online now, how to make money online, make money online for beginners, make money online 2015, make money online for dummies, make money online books…

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Hair Loss Part 2: Alopecia Areata


Hair loss or “alopecia” can be scarring or not. “Alopecia Areata” is a form of non-scarring alopecia. This means that there is hair loss but the hair follicles are still intact and visible on inspection. It is an autoimmune disease that affects the bulb region of the hair follicle. For some unknown reason, immune cells attack this region of the hair follicle, normally a sight out of bounds for the body’s immune surveillance. This attack causes the hair to fall out without causing permanent damage to the hair follicle. It is possible for the hair to regrow in time.

Alopecia areata is relatively common in North America with a prevalence of 0.1-0.2%. 1 in 5 patients has a relative with the disease.

In the normal scalp, 90-95% of hair follicles are in the anagen phase (growing) and the remainder (5-10%) are in the telogen (shedding) phase. Each follicle cycles through the various stages independently. What signals cause a hair follicle to stop growing and enter the telogen phase are currently unknown.

CAUSES OF NON-SCARRING HAIR LOSS: You can also learn about “where can fillers be used on face“, click here

severe illness


hormones (i.e. hypothyroidism, androgens)

toxins (i.e. anticoagulants, chemotherapy, heavy metals, vitamin A)

micronutrient deficiencies (i.e. iron or zinc deficiencies)

physical damage to the hair follicle (i.e. ‘corn-row’ braiding, trichotillomania- obsession with pulling out hair)

autoimmune (i.e. alopecia areata),

In alopecia areata, telogen hair loss is mainly localized to the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, and beard (although all body hair areas can be affected). Round or oval patches of non-scarring hair loss are typically seen. The hair loss is usually asymptomatic.

There are various patterns of alopecia areata. These include localized alopecia areata, alopecia totalis (loss of all scalp hair), alopecia universalis (loss of all scalp and body hair) and ophiasis pattern alopecia areata (bandlike pattern of hair loss along periphery of temporal and occipital scalp).


nail changes (10-20% of patients): pitting, rough longitudinal ridging, brittleness, dystrophy, onycholysis (nail becomes separated from the nail bed)

can be associated with other immunologic diseases: Atopy (i.e. allergic rhinitis, asthma, and atopic dermatitis), thyroid diseases, vitiligo, pernicious anemia, Addison’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease

The clinical course of alopecia areata is variable. Hair may regrow within months of the first attack. 30% of patients may have regrowth after 6 months, 50% after a year, and 75% after 5 years. Recurrences have been linked to emotional distress. Treating alopecia areata is difficult because of the unpredictability of the disease. The agents used in treatment are designed to suppress the out-of-control immune response that is causing the hair loss.

Localized patchy alopecia areata can be treated with topical or intralesional corticosteroids, topical minoxidil (2 or 5%), anthralin, and combination therapy. Injections of corticosteroids are usually given every 4-6 weeks. One risk of corticosteroid injections includes atrophy (thinning of the skin), but this often resolves with time. The majority of patients will see signs of hair regrowth within 6 weeks.

Treating more extensive alopecia areata may involve the use of topical immunotherapy (i.e. topical diphencyprone applied weekly to induce a contact allergic reaction on the affected area), psoralen plus ultraviolet A light (PUVA), or systemic prednisone.

Results of a scalp biopsy can also influence treatment. When there is little inflammation, 5% topical minoxidil may be the most appropriate therapy, and when there is significant inflammation, the use of corticosteroids in addition to minoxidil may be beneficial. In extensive cases, wigs may be an option while treatment is attempted. Alopecia Areata Support Groups are found in most communities and on the internet. To learn about other skin conditions, click on  patients portal .




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Koln4ever Wins toto hk Event #34


We’re rolling into the final weekend for toto hk 2009, as it was Event #34 wrapping up in the wee hours of the morning. This event was a $215 no-limit Hold’em tournament featuring “big antes” from the start. The guarantee was set at $500,000, but as has been the trend in the WCOOP, the guarantee was just a stepping stone to the final prize pool. A total of 3,650 players entered, bloating the total prize to $730k.
There was little doubt that plenty of the PokerStars Pros would make it for this one with a prize like that on the line. The list of pros included Chris Moneymaker, Chad Brown, Jason Mercier, Vanessa Rousso, Elky – Bertrand Grospellier and Humberto Brenes. The popular Costa Rican, Brenes, was the big winner of the pros. owever, he wont be retiring on his 239th place finish – a win of $474.50.

Долгожданная новость открытие онлайн casino pinup kz для жителей Казахстана и стран СНГ!!!

PokerStars tried to pump up the action and aggression in this tournament by collecting antes from the very first hand. That meant that sitting around for the nuts would be tough, as the more aggressive players would just take pot after pot, building their stacks. However, even with the “big antes”, it was over 14 hours until the final table bubble finally burst, sending the final nine to a very coveted position in a tournament such as this. Even 9th place would be guaranteed over $5,800, but everyone was gunning for the 1st place prize of over $100k!
The top nine players held the following chip stacks heading into the final table:
Seat 1: 72good with 1,935,503 in chips
Seat 2: PokerProGG with 2,185,321 in chips
Seat 3: Raoeoiku with 866,555 in chips
Seat 4: JUNFI with 247,593 in chips
Seat 5: Artiecat with 859,772 in chips
Seat 6: vara33 with 3,227,438 in chips
Seat 7: Koln4ever with 4,886,063 in chips
Seat 8: Shark 00100 with 1,115,769 in chips
Seat 9: joeppiej with 2,925,986 in chips
After the long battle to get to the main stage, it only took about a half-hour for three players to be quickly eliminated. Then things changed considerably, as the players slowed down a little. This event started at 2:30 in the afternoon on Wednesday, but it wasn’t until early Thursday morning that play got down to three-handed.
When there were three, the players – Koln4ever, vara33, and PokerProGG, decided to discuss a deal. The host of this tournament, PokerStars Pro Tom McEvoy, moderated the discussion and announced the final deal numbers to which the players agreed. PokerStars had set a rule that $10,000 must be set aside for the eventual winner, but other than that, the players agreed that Koln4ever would get $98,282.70, vara33 would get $83,779.11, and PokerProGG would take $68,183.19.
vera33 would be the next eliminated, and thus probably most happy about the deal. That put Koln4ever and PokerProGG heads-up, with Koln4ever have a dominating lead of over 16 million in chips to about 1.9 million for PokerProGG. It didn’t take long for the final hand to come, as PokerProGG pushed with AK pre-flop and was called by the 33 of Koln4ever. The board was no help to PokerProGG and he was eliminated in second place. That left the $10,000 extra prize money as well as the title of WCOOP Champion to Koln4ever.
Final Table Results:
1st place: Koln4ever – $108,282.70 (after Final Table deal)
2nd place: PokerProGG – $68,183.19 (after FT deal)
3rd place: vara33 – $83,779.11 (after FT deal)
4th place: Shark 00100 – $41,975.00
5th place: joeppiej – $31,025.00
6th place: Raoeoiku – $23,725.00
7th place: Artiecat – $16,425.00
8th place: 72good – $9,125.00
9th place: JUNFI – $5,840.00…

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Everest- keluar sgp Poker Leaderboards



Well it’s again time to take a look at the Everest keluar sgp Poker Leaderboards. With May winding down fast here, let’s jump right into it to see how this month is panning out for everyone.

First off, for the monthly MTT’s for May, lets look at the top 10:


  1. Tooren 6069
  2. BaSt4r 5913
  3. Marcilan 5410
  4. Slayer_pol 4898
  5. Nuckin_Futs 4633
  6. Kratzbaum 4585
  7. hase66 4509
  8. ExaMeter 4302
  9. espagne8 4301
  10. mmoomm 4299


Tooren again holds the top spot this week over BaSt4r, and these two players are now pretty much a lock to finish first and second this month.  Marcilan on the other hand, moved all the way up from 8th to 3rd where he has a good lead over the rest of the top 10. Slayer_pol and Nucking_Futs round out the top 5. Kratzbaum, last week in 3rd place, is down to 6th, while hase66 and ExaMeter, both newcommers, are in 7th and 8th respecively. espagne8, 4th last week, and mmoomm, 6th last week, are now rounding out the top 10.


Sit and Go High Leaderboard for the week ending 5-25-2008:


  1. Ze_Carica 1573
  2. gogepok 1360
  3. JakobFuller 1331
  4. OskarStar 1317
  5. legoge 1292
  6. kubalibre19 1286
  7. frefroid 1236
  8. klobard 1235
  9. PMDOT 1216
  10. Rem24 1211


So far this month, we have a pretty good race for the Sit and Go High Monthly leader. Here’s a look at the top 10:


  1. Ze_Carica 3771
  2. OskarStar 3572
  3. JakobFuller 3472
  4. kubalibre19 3431
  5. Rem24 3362
  6. gogepok 3351
  7. ikzelfzelf 3285
  8. SanderBernd 3274
  9. eurodollar54 3267
  10. oliv35 3218


Ze_Carica had a huge week last week, as he was the leader after the week and moved up from 7th place to first as the monthly Sit and Go High Leader. OskarStar, a regular on the Everest Poker Leaderboards, moved down one spot from first to 2nd. JakobFuller moved into 3rd place after a big week last week. kubalibre19 moved up from 6th to 4th and Rem24 went onto the leaderboard in the 5th spot. geogepok moved up from 9th to 6th. Places 7th through 10th are all currently being held by players that were higher last week and slid a little this week as ikzelfzelf, SanderBernd, eurodolla54, and oliv35 round out the top 10.


Sit and Go Low Leaderboard for the week ending 5-25-2008:


  1. Tippking 940
  2. kudi66 903
  3. otbld 881
  4. Swen01 867
  5. babe_rose 859
  6. Ricas 852
  7. Wumen 852
  8. brazomap 852
  9. caesar78 852
  10. AlexSmoke88 839


For the month of May, we have a pretty tight race for the Monthly Sit and Go Low Leaderboard on Everest Poker. Let’s take a look:


  1. babe_rose 2347
  2. kudi66 2318
  3. jor69 2306
  4. otbld 2173
  5. Tippking 2161
  6. dr-gonzo 2134
  7. caesar78 2134
  8. -szojo- 2130
  9. Wumen 2130
  10. brazomap 2130
  11. fernando1056 2130


babe_rose moved up from 8th place into the top spot, with a slim lead over kudi66 and jor69. otbld is up from 7th place to 4th. TippKing, last weeks winner is up to 5th place after not being in the top 10 as of last week. dr-gonzo and caesar78 are now tied for 6th. There is also a 4 way tie for 8th place between -szojo-, Wumen, brazomap, and fernando1056. All the people are basically still in the top 10, but they are moving around like crazy here towards the end of the month.


With May quickly winding down, it’ll be interesting to see how everything plays out here in the Monthly MTT, and Sit and Go High and Low Tournaments. Be sure to look back next week to see how this month plays out as well as how June starts off!



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