Everest- keluar sgp Poker Leaderboards

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Well it’s again time to take a look at the Everest keluar sgp Poker Leaderboards. With May winding down fast here, let’s jump right into it to see how this month is panning out for everyone.

First off, for the monthly MTT’s for May, lets look at the top 10:


  1. Tooren 6069
  2. BaSt4r 5913
  3. Marcilan 5410
  4. Slayer_pol 4898
  5. Nuckin_Futs 4633
  6. Kratzbaum 4585
  7. hase66 4509
  8. ExaMeter 4302
  9. espagne8 4301
  10. mmoomm 4299


Tooren again holds the top spot this week over BaSt4r, and these two players are now pretty much a lock to finish first and second this month.  Marcilan on the other hand, moved all the way up from 8th to 3rd where he has a good lead over the rest of the top 10. Slayer_pol and Nucking_Futs round out the top 5. Kratzbaum, last week in 3rd place, is down to 6th, while hase66 and ExaMeter, both newcommers, are in 7th and 8th respecively. espagne8, 4th last week, and mmoomm, 6th last week, are now rounding out the top 10.


Sit and Go High Leaderboard for the week ending 5-25-2008:


  1. Ze_Carica 1573
  2. gogepok 1360
  3. JakobFuller 1331
  4. OskarStar 1317
  5. legoge 1292
  6. kubalibre19 1286
  7. frefroid 1236
  8. klobard 1235
  9. PMDOT 1216
  10. Rem24 1211


So far this month, we have a pretty good race for the Sit and Go High Monthly leader. Here’s a look at the top 10:


  1. Ze_Carica 3771
  2. OskarStar 3572
  3. JakobFuller 3472
  4. kubalibre19 3431
  5. Rem24 3362
  6. gogepok 3351
  7. ikzelfzelf 3285
  8. SanderBernd 3274
  9. eurodollar54 3267
  10. oliv35 3218


Ze_Carica had a huge week last week, as he was the leader after the week and moved up from 7th place to first as the monthly Sit and Go High Leader. OskarStar, a regular on the Everest Poker Leaderboards, moved down one spot from first to 2nd. JakobFuller moved into 3rd place after a big week last week. kubalibre19 moved up from 6th to 4th and Rem24 went onto the leaderboard in the 5th spot. geogepok moved up from 9th to 6th. Places 7th through 10th are all currently being held by players that were higher last week and slid a little this week as ikzelfzelf, SanderBernd, eurodolla54, and oliv35 round out the top 10.


Sit and Go Low Leaderboard for the week ending 5-25-2008:


  1. Tippking 940
  2. kudi66 903
  3. otbld 881
  4. Swen01 867
  5. babe_rose 859
  6. Ricas 852
  7. Wumen 852
  8. brazomap 852
  9. caesar78 852
  10. AlexSmoke88 839


For the month of May, we have a pretty tight race for the Monthly Sit and Go Low Leaderboard on Everest Poker. Let’s take a look:


  1. babe_rose 2347
  2. kudi66 2318
  3. jor69 2306
  4. otbld 2173
  5. Tippking 2161
  6. dr-gonzo 2134
  7. caesar78 2134
  8. -szojo- 2130
  9. Wumen 2130
  10. brazomap 2130
  11. fernando1056 2130


babe_rose moved up from 8th place into the top spot, with a slim lead over kudi66 and jor69. otbld is up from 7th place to 4th. TippKing, last weeks winner is up to 5th place after not being in the top 10 as of last week. dr-gonzo and caesar78 are now tied for 6th. There is also a 4 way tie for 8th place between -szojo-, Wumen, brazomap, and fernando1056. All the people are basically still in the top 10, but they are moving around like crazy here towards the end of the month.


With May quickly winding down, it’ll be interesting to see how everything plays out here in the Monthly MTT, and Sit and Go High and Low Tournaments. Be sure to look back next week to see how this month plays out as well as how June starts off!




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