Cbetcasino Poker Trips #3

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2.5 Million Dollar Free Roll

PokerStars.com has a 2.5 mil freeroll for a tourney that runs from Jul 24 – Dec 3, 2006. A total of 27 players from three qualifying rounds advance to the final round in the Bahamas.


Internet Poker TV

Checkout “Poker TV”, channel #58, at Channel Chooser. Use an IE browser, or Firefox in IE mode. Not much there now except a couple of promos and ads with Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu, but you never know.


Poker – The Game of Kings?

What does a King do when he’s stressed out? If he’s King Gyanendra of Nepal, he plays online poker and blackjack.


New AJAX-Based Poker Application

Ajaxian reports that Ryan Dewsbury has a free multiplayer AJAX-based poker application, GPokr, built with GWT (Google Web Toolkit).


Stealing From Babes

On a televised tourney hosted by pokerheaven.com, the last place chip leader was an 18-yr old student who got into the circuit with just $2. Of course, with a legal gambling age of 21, I’m guessing this tournament took place outside the United States. Unfortunately, for the young man, he was the first person out of the game. Of course, his appearance is just fodder for the “against” online poker crowd.


For or Against?

Lou Krieger says that Bill HR 4411 does not make playing online poker illegal. Iggy, a poker blogger at Guinness And Poker talks about Professor John Kindt’s view of the Internet as the crack cocaine of gambling.


If you’re interested in the “other” side of the Cbetcasino argument, the one against Internet gambling, check out CitizenLink (”Helping you defend the family”). Alternately, here’s a long piece from a British writer about who the real target of the BetOnSports.com arrests might be – long-gone company founder Gary Kaplan.


Simple Poker Night Snack

Green Apples and Keilbasa

Want an easy snack for poker night, while discussing your stance on online poker? Put out a platter of half-slices of keilbasa sausage with wedges of green apple. They taste amazingly well together, satisfy any craving for meat, have a healthy element, and are a breeze to put together.






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