Equipment Needed To Operate Your Bounce House Business

Below you’ll find a list of the items you need to effectively manage your Bounce rental business (bounce house rentals phoenix az).


You need a car like a van. Truck or SUV. You can get a bounce room on these vehicles, but if you rent two or three, for example 15 bodyguards, you also need a trailer.


Commercial grade trolleys will provide you with better service. Avoid using carts with rubber tires as they can damage the lawn. Using pneumatic tires makes it easier and better to pull. Larger devices are wider and easier to handle.

We recommend the Mongo Mover or a manual cart for mobile devices. They usually have straps and are designed for heavy loads.

Sandbags and sand blankets

When you place it on a hard surface, it is recommended to use 2 sandbags in every corner of the house. You also need a sandbag to connect the sandbag to the tire.


Many times, when you buy a bounce room (bounce house rentals phoenix az), it will include a tarpaulin. It is a good idea to have a few at hand. The canvas is very economical and helps protect you from inflation.

If it is possible to rain, it is best to leave extra tarpaulin for your customers. In this way, they can deflate and place a tarpaulin on the deflated bounce house. The reason for this action is that they move more heavily when the tires are wet. Most importantly, you will never have enough canvas for renting an inflatable house.

Bet and hammer

When you put a gorilla on the lawn, you will want to use the stakes. Small piles can be used for salmon, but tires require heavier bulbs. You also need a hammer with a hammer to strike and remove them.

We recommend using two ends in each corner and attaching them with a buckle for optimum stability.

Extension cord

You will need a sturdy outdoor type. You can check if the power supply has a problem with the expansion of the small LED at the end. All you need is a 20-meter cable, but it’s best to use a longer cable just in case.


The generator is very expensive. If you rent in a facility without electricity, you only need one. The best advice we can give you is to rent one when you need it, until you are big enough to make sense.

If you know how much it will cost to rent one, it will be a good job. This way, you can be ready when the time is right, and you can calculate the price of the job accordingly.


You can keep the equipment clean by placing a carpet in front of the bounce room. This will give the children a place to take off their shoes and prevent grass and mud from falling on their boat.

Wireless vacuum cleaner

If it is still inflated, it is best to clean up your bounce house. A cordless vacuum cleaner with a tool that penetrates the crack is recommended. Make sure your equipment is free of grass and dirt before rolling and disassembling.

Other cleaning products

A small broom will be better than a big broom because you have to do a lot of folding. Lysol will help you disinfect your inflatable boat. Be sure to quickly clean the stains before they become permanent.

Stopwatch and whistle

It is a good idea to provide a stopwatch for your customers. This adds to the fun of timed games. Whistle is useful when there may be security issues and needs to get the attention of the children while playing.