Plastic Surgery procedure for Men

John Joseph Conway proved that men may be as futile as women in plastic surgery (plastic surgery Malvern). When the Chicago firefighter went to New Delhi, India to rebuild his chin last month and looked like an actor, he took his admiration for Bruce Willis to a new level.

“I am a firefighter, I need to read the newspaper, I want to improve my jaw line, Bruce Willis has a beautiful and strong chin,” he told the Times of India. Conway, who also traveled to India in 2005 to perform double eyelid surgery is very happy with his results, he has decided to bring his mother and sister to India for cosmetic surgery, which costs $35,000 cheaper than the EE reference price. UU

Although Conway became the headline of the international media during cosmetic surgery, he is not the only man who seeks physical enhancement. According to American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASPS), more than 900,000 people have undergone plastic surgery in 2005. The five main male measures include: liposuction (liposuction), rhinoplasty (nose weight) Plastic), orbital surgery (cosmetic), male breast reduction and cosmetic surgery.

Although men of all ages undergo plastic surgery (plastic surgery Malvern), most are men over the age of 40. In a recent report from CBS News, doctors pointed out two main reasons for men undergoing plastic surgery. They say that men want the younger side to compete with younger colleagues. Moreover, they point out that those who divorce and go out together want to be more attractive to the opposite sex. Whatever your reason, consider the following before planning your surgery.

Liposuction is one of the most popular procedures between men and women, which removes excess fat from the skin by aspiration. However, removing as much fat as possible can loosen the skin and suspend it on the body. This gives a very unpleasant appearance and is difficult to manage for patients on a daily basis. Additional surgery is usually required to cut off excess skin. In some cases, men do not need to undergo this extra surgery because their skin has good elasticity and men can be relatively easily adapted to smaller sizes than women with thinner skin. Reverse.

For men who want a clearer look, they can even have surgery. Through abdominal etching, the doctor can create a muscular and wavy appearance for the abdominal area. As this procedure is still relatively new, ASPS warns men to be fully trained to find experienced, certified and experienced surgeons.

The same is true for calf implants and pectoral muscles, which are also becoming more popular among men. These procedures require the use of synthetic materials such as silicone to complete the area. According to SSPA, calf implants were originally developed to restore leg contours in the event of an accident or polio victim. And pectoral fin implants are used to reconstruct the human chest with Polish syndrome, a congenital disease in which the pectoral muscle is deformed or has collapsed into the chest.

For men who are more concerned about the head content, there are facial implants and hair replacement surgery. Facial implants can also be reinforced with synthetic materials that can be built around the chin and cheeks to create a more masculine cheek and chin line. Hair replacement surgery involves removing small pieces of your hair and moving them to a bald or weight loss area. Although hair transplantation has a relatively positive effect, men need to be patient with the process. According to ASPS, a complete transplant can last from 18 months to two years.

For those who want “low-intensity” treatment, there are chemical peels and skin abrasions. Chemical peels use phenol, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) to attenuate wrinkles, even in skin tones, while dermabrasion involves surgical scraping to remove old skin. After surgery, the patient usually remains red during the healing phase. ASPS recommends that men who are concerned about this side effect avoid drinking alcohol.

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