Best Ultrasounic Pest Repeller

Ultrasonic electronic pest and insect repellent devices have high frequency sound waves which are intolerable to rodents and insects. Simply plugging in one of these devices could end your pest woes. You should know It’s effectiveness to understand exactly what these devices can do and before investing in one.

(MERITS) The ultrasonic pest repellent is becoming more commonly used among people because many reasons such as it’s cheap price , it’s environment friendly nature. Also it is safe for kids and some of our pets. It is also very easy to use and consume less power.

(DEMERITS) These products are quite good but by no means a quick fix, and none of them claim 100% effectiveness on any particular pest, so they can be kept in perspective as a possible contributor to a pest related problem.

In year 2001 ultrasonic pest controller manufacturers were put to test by FTC  i.e. Federal Trade Commission. The manufacturers of ultrasonic pest control devices were demanded claims to prove their effectiveness and were also asked for back up by scientific research. Thanks to this the package claims on ultrasonic rodent and insect devices were made a little less preposterous than they used to be, and after FTC intervention many product websites put links explaining their research methods and results.

There is limited data about how well electronic or high-frequency sound devices work for household pest control. However mice become used to these high frequency sound when they are repeated regularly. Rodent control is not that effective by Ultrasonic sounds they have limited use in rodent control this is so because they are directional and are not able to penetrate behind objects.

There are some insects or flies like mosquitoes which happen to be able to actually hear  but even so scientist are not able to find a noise that these insects particularly dislike.Although neatmaster is a ultrasonic based pest repellent product which claims to affect mosquito. Aside these draw backs there are some ultrasonic pest repellent which are quite helpful.

Top 5 ultrasonic pest repellers on the Market.

No.     Product name         Pest type

  1. Neatmaster mosquitoes, roaches, bugs, spiders, mice, rats
  2. Pest soldier rats, mice
  3. Bell+Howell rats, mice, spiders and roaches.
  4. home sentinel ants, rats, roaches,

There is also another thing that comes in our mind when we talk about pest controller, that is about safety in it’s use. One can say that Ultrasonic pest repellents do work on a variety of different pests but does it affect us or our pets, will it harm the childrens around it any way are some of the questions that pops up in our mind when we talk about pest repellents. So you should no that most of the ultrasonic mouse repellers are safe for our household pets like dogs and cats which are not affected by the ultrasonic sounds which are emitted by the device. However, there is a chance that domesticated rodents such as rabbits may get distressed from the ultrasonic sounds.

Now let us discuss the effects of Ultrasound on humansin quite depth. The term “ultrasound” is used for all sound waves with a frequency above the audible range of normal human hearing, which is about 20 kHz. Waves of this high frequency will not cause problem to haman hearing but it will cause some damage to the human body, and unborn fetal body will perhaps get more damage.

At last If one thinks of adding electronic repellents to their pest-control system, he should keep in mind to do following things

  1. Keep Trapping – If you wish to get best results for both rodents and insects use ultrasonic pest repellents along with trapping. The sound waves causes the pests to run around, which will lead them right in your traps.
  2. Expect Diminishing Returns – Do not expect ultrasonic pest repellers to be permanent solution. Some Pests such as rodents become habitual to the sound of ultrasonic devices over time, so this solution may only be temporary.
  3. Device Location – it is another factor to be considered and it is common sense is to why it’s important.

4.Have Realistic Expectations.

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