How To Earn More Money With Airbrush Temporary Tattoo?

Everyone can use more money, but many people don’t know where or how to get it. Many things must be seen as time and skill. However, if you have a little artistic talent, you can use a spray gun to specialize in temporary tattoo services.

Don’t let the word “business” discourage you. Business in a simple way means making money. So you can make money with natural abilities, and since you are working alone (or two people), this is not a complicated accounting. Just buy what you need and go where the crowd is. They can host parties, parades, events, rock concerts, amusement parks and even events.

Why do you need to follow the crowd? Well, when people get together, it’s usually a common theme. Therefore, the performance of a temporary tattoo on his arm will show his friendship. One of the benefits of this type of audience is that their relationship with the next person is easy. In order to be prepared, it is wise to understand the event so that you can prepare a design that fits the topic.

If you can contact the local organizer of any event, whether it is a local trade fair or an amusement park, you can provide your services. You can negotiate with the organizer to provide free tattoos for anyone attending the show. This usually applies to visitors who have to pay to get to the event website, so they don’t have to pay again. If this is a free event, you only need one license to set up your booth, and you can charge visitors separately based on the tattoo you choose. It is important to gain benefits in any way.

One of the main benefits of this service is that all family members can enjoy services from 5 to 50 years old. Even an 80-year-old boy will try to put it on wrinkled skin. Remember, there is no tattoo machine or piercing the skin.

So what do you need to carry out this business? Obviously, we need a spray gun. There are many spray guns available, and no specific guns are available for human skin, so you will use the same spray guns that the artist uses in his artwork.

The prices of the manufacturer and its intended use are also different. If you are a beginner, please get the average price. Don’t buy the cheapest model because you will lose a lot of quality. This may mean losing potential customers when they see poor quality artwork. However, don’t use the most expensive types because they are primarily aimed at experts. When you become an expert, you can buy them.

Once you have chosen the spray gun to buy, you must get the corresponding companion, air compressor. This is where the spray gun can spray paint on the object and, where appropriate, spray on human skin. There are basically two types of air compressors, research types and industrial types. The industrial type is large and the noise is too loud. They are mainly used for heavy work, such as automotive painting, and the research type is smaller and quieter. For you, get the type of learning.

The next one on the shopping list will be painting. If you have never used a spray gun before, you may need to order several colors first. However, you can order in large quantities. Now you can practice as many times as you need. When you are ready, you can order a variety of colors. However, check that the paint is based on alcohol and that the local health department uses it on the skin.

The last tool you need is a temporary tattoo model with a spray gun. These are hardened paper with contoured edges. They are used as templates for design. Try to get the type of adhesive because it’s easier to use.

Now you can quickly and easily create your own temporary airbrush tattoo kit. If you really like tattoos, you can buy a tattoo kit in the future.

Yes, you have to invest a little bit in this business, but all companies are like this. However, before you start, you must first find the passion you are interested in, otherwise you may lose interest and give up everything that can pay for your expenses.


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