Como Conseguir Seguidores En Instagram

In addition, the photos you publish must generate likes or comments, proof that your community is made up of active people. This is called the engagement rate.

Everything will depend on your area of ​​activity but expect to have a base of several thousand subscribers to start contacting other account administrators. When you contact other instagramers highlight the quality of your audience and not the amount of followers.

Cross promotions of your content with that of your partner(s). Post one of the photos from the chosen account on Instagram (como conseguir seguidores en instagram) and this one does the same.

This will allow you to have followers and likes very quickly by attracting people directly by targeting your partner’s audience.

Partnerships can be implemented in several ways:

  • product placement
  • exchange of publications
  • common photos taken together (if you are in the same area)
  • sharing stories on Instagram
  • direct messages to subscribers of the account.

In general, try to partner with accounts with as many or fewer followers as your account because it is rare that an account with 100K subscribers agrees to deal with you (for free) if you have 1K.

This is an excellent medium and long-term strategy to have targeted followers coming from other accounts. Feel free to create a small database with the contact details of all your partners, this will allow you to promote yourself to new audiences and continue to gain instagram followers (como conseguir seguidores en instagram) quickly.

Paying Influencers to gain Instagram subscribers

PURPOSE OF THE GAME: Pay an instagramer so that it promotes your content on his account in order to capture the attention of his community of followers. Many people on Instagram and other hard social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) have decided to rent their services and their base of followers (you can do the same!) Here your subscriber base can not serve as a bargaining chip because you will target accounts with many more Instagram followers than you, likes and comments.

The technique is simple, contact the account administrators directly in the same niche and ask the rates to be able to publish on their account and thus to reach their followers.

Be careful do not be swayed by the number of subscribers.Remember that it is easy to create a profile on Instagram and acquire thousands of fake followers for a few euros in 24h or 48h.Promote accounts where likes and comments are numerous (especially comments) and avoid profiles with little reaction from followers. To see the engagement rate of a profile do not hesitate to use tools like PHALANX

How to have Instagram followers using Facebook advertising

GOAL OF THE GAME: Use the Facebook advertising platform to have perfectly targeted instagram followers (como conseguir seguidores en instagram) while controlling his budget.

These 2 social networks are linked because Instagram was bought by Facebook several years ago. Everything indicates that Facebook will gradually start to switch to its advertising offer so that our publications are visible to our followers.

Advertising on Instagram (como conseguir seguidores en instagram) makes it possible to put in front of a perfectly targeted public and outside our field of scope, the publication of our choice. To create your advertising campaign you must have a Facebook account, a page and an Ads Manager account.

It is possible to start advertising with a limited budget (you can test with 2-3 € / day to start) in order to get used to the advertising platform and get more subscribers. The great thing about setting up an Instagram advertising campaign is the ability to earn new, well-targeted followers for sure while controlling your budget.

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