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Why run LifeSaver campaigns?

LifeSaver Campaigns are run by The SafePoint Trust to ensure that:

  • All injections globally will be safe and create no further harm to the patient. If an injection is given with the correct WHO/PQS and ISO standard AD syringe it will ensure that the spread of HIV and other blood-borne infections through this transmission route are stopped.

Governments who adopt the LifeSaver Campaign will ensure that:

  • Healthcare providers will only use LifeSaver branded syringes as these give the highest level of confidence to the patient. Also will show the patient for each injection that the syringe has just been removed from a sealed packet, used and disabled and disposed of.
  • The public will be informed through mass media that their right is to demand a LifeSaver syringe and injection each and every time.
  • The advantages for Governments are:
    • Recognised as safe to deliver supported or donor financed health programmes.  LifeSaver acts as a seal of quality in primary healthcare.
    • Costs savings through eliminating secondary infections that need treatment and often reduce effectiveness of the primary treatment.
    • Increased production within the health system.     

We will invite all UN Health Ministers to adopt the LifeSaver campaign nationally and we would like to work closely with all WHO/PQS qualified AD (Auto Disable) syringe manufacturers to unite them behind the LifeSaver logo and phrase: ‘New Packet.  Used Once.  Safely Disposed’

LifeSaver is intended to act as an instantly recognisable guarantee of a safe injection, and the logo will be stamped on all packaging, signifying that it is a new and clean syringe and needle, that it can be used only once and which will then be disposed of safely.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does a product qualify to become a LifeSaver syringe?
If a syringe is PQS and ISO 7886-4 compliant you are invited to use the LifeSaver logo on the barrel and packaging.

How much will it cost us to adopt the LifeSaver logo?
LifeSaver is an open sourced logo and syringe manufacturers who qualify, are invited to adopt the logo, by printing it on the syringe and packaging, increasing public recognition and acceptance.

How do I get the artwork and suggested guidelines for the logo?
You need to register your interest and product details with us either by phone or download the form, we will contact you to discuss any further questions you may have. Then we will give you a code where you can download a complete pack via or if you require hard copy we will send on request.


LifeSaver Awareness Posters by McCann

Please feel free to download and share.