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LATEST NEWS - Marie-Paul Kieny ADG of World Health Organisation announces injection safety policy at TEDMED 2014 with Marc Koska of LifeSaver by SafePoint

Read on WHO to Start New Global Health Initiative For Needle Safety

During Marc's TEDMED presentation, Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny, assistant director general of the WHO, revealed that the organization will announce its third-ever global health initiative and policy in October. MORE >>

Marie-Paul Kieny ADG of World Health Organisation announces injection safety policy at TEDMED 2014 with Marc Koska of LifeSaver

Video: WHO Announcement During Marc's Talk at TEDMED 2014


Jay Walker Interview on the LifeSaver campaign at TEDMED 2014

Video: Interview with Jay Walker at TEDMED 2014


World Health Organisation Logo

The WHO To Launch New Injection Safety Policy 30th October 2014

The 3rd ever global policy in the history of the WHO will be launched on 30th October 2014. MORE >>

Founders Forum for Good Video of Marc Koska discussing the LifeSaver campaign

Video: Marc Describes the LifeSaver Campaign to Founders Forum For Good


LifeSaver Campaign Video

Video: The LifeSaver Campaign

Filmed in Tanzania, this video is a 5 minute introduction to the LifeSaver campaign. MORE >>

LifeSaver Campaign Video

Immunisation vs Curative Markets

The LifeSaver campaign focuses on the much larger curative (therapeutic) market for injections. This graphic illustrates the key differences using the 6 key elements. MORE >>

Samsung Galaxy Note III Phone

Samsung invites Marc to speak at World Launch for the Galaxy Note 3

While launching their latest world beating mobile phone, the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung gave Marc the opportunity to deliver a vision that will have a massive impact on the LifeSaver campaign. MORE >>

Marc and Deputy

Marc and SafePoint in the News

Marc makes the case for the self-destructing syringe in the Guardian Newspaper and on both BBC4 and BBC World International News. MORE >>


Welcome to Safepoint

SafePoint is a charitable organisation founded with the sole purpose of educating uninformed public on the dangers of receiving unsafe injections. Syringe re-use is the main source of cross-infection in the developing world, infecting innocent people with blood-borne diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C. A syringe is re-used on average 4 times in the developing world, making a trip to your local doctor or healthcare worker a game of Russian roulette.

Under the LifeSaver campaign, SafePoint have created a logo that will become the recognised symbol of a safe injection. Our mission is not just to inform the public and healthcare workers, ensuring they demand and use LifeSaver syringes, but to lobby at ministerial level for a change in legislation.

Implementing such a legislation change and enforcing it, also eliminates the huge financial burden of caring for those infected, not only in terms of hospitalisation and nursing, but in the procurement of medication and long term treatment of patients.

Thank you for visiting the SafePoint website. We welcome your feedback.